Box Office Wrap Up: Hobbs and Shaw Beijing Drift.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hobbs and Shaw Beijing Drift.
Hit the gas!

Box Office Wrap Up: Hobbs and Shaw Beijing Drift.

The latest Fast & Furious targets global markets while domestic totals drift.

Oh, goody, we’ve got another complicated weekend on our hands.  Hobbs and Shaw hit number one, but failed to match the time trials established by other Fast and/or Furious films.  It seems that it doesn’t matter, as the film crushed it abroad…but that’s a given for the franchise.  We’ll have to really parse the numbers to see how this week stands up historically.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was up 6% from last year, but down 9% from last week.  The grand total of 147 million is the 4th best for the last decade, but pretty much dead average for the last twenty years.  Overall, a heartening show as the box office has now outperformed 2018 for three straight weeks after stumbling for a whole month.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hobbs and Shaw Beijing Drift.
Some times you gotta take some punishment to dish it out.

Trying to fit Hobbs and Shaw into the historical picture is harder.  Compared to other Fast & Furious movies, it’s in last place.  Even Tokyo Drift made 62 million at launch.  Unfortunately, Box Office Mojo doesn’t keep weekly snapshots for foreign earnings like it does domestic, so I can’t compare.  I can say it has already passed the first three movies for overseas earnings – in one week.  So, the focus of the franchise has really drifted to overseas markets like other big ticket summer movies.

Compared to other Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham films, it’s a damn good showing.  Neither star has made 60 million dollars at opening outside of the Furious franchise.  Not even Moana or The Meg was able to put up those kinds debut numbers.

Top Film One Year Ago:  Mission Impossible 6.

Mission Impossible 6
I’m fast too, guys! Vroom Vroom!

Top Film Ten Years Ago:  Funny People.

Funny People 2009
Wait. You said “funny” people…?

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hobbs and Shaw Beijing Drift.
Hit the gas!

Hobbs and Shaw took the checkered flag, finally deposing the Lion King.  It hauled 60 million dollars at home and 180 million dollars worldwide.  It did well with fans, if not with critics, and played solidly to its demographic base.  Time will tell if it can manage to hang around as summer wanes and a jam packed Fall season gears up.

The Lion King landed in second place.  All told, it has rushed to nearly 1.2 billion dollars globally.  It still trails Beauty and the Beast for the re-make crown, but should take the crown by the time summer is out.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood kept pace in third place.  An extra 20 million at home has propelled the film to 79 million without a major role-out overseas being reported.

Other Films.

The Farewell keeps playing the little movie that could.  It expanded again, adding 274 theaters and jumped up the ladder from 10th place to 7th.  The best part?  It’s finally expanded to my neighborhood, so I get to give you the scoop on how good it is.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw  (60.8)

2.  The Lion King  (38.2)

3.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  (20.0)

4.  Spider-Man Far From Home  (7.7)

5.  Toy Story 4  (7.1)

6.  Yesterday  (2.4)

7.  The Farewell  (2.4)

8.  Crawl  (2.1)

9.  Aladdin  (2.0)

10.  Annabelle Comes Home  (.8)

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