Box Office Wrap Up: Holds, A Grudge.

Box Office Wrap Up: Holds, A Grudge.

Not much changed at the box office as Star Wars and Frozen remained on top.

While there wasn’t much movement at the top of the ticket, most studios are going to be happy with the results. The single new release, The Grudge, had a better-than-anticipated debut, while the rest of the field saw excellent numbers for second and third weeks.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office dipped 29% from last week, which is actually pretty amazing given that only one new wide release hit theaters. The good news is that the first week of 2020 was up 2% from last year. The bad news is that looking back a decade, this weekend got pummeled by years that featured a main series Star Wars. And this year features a main series Star Wars…which goes to show you how far the series has gone from The Force Awakens.

Top Film One Year Ago: Aquaman.

Yup. Still here.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Marley & Me.

This week’s edition of “remember when X had a career?”

Top Three Films.

Star Wars Episode IX took the triple crown, finishing atop the board for a third weekend. The film continued its steep trajectory, losing 52% compared to last week. It was pretty much the only film in the top ten, except Cats, to see a drop larger than 30%.

Jumanji 2 looks to have the franchise mojo, dropping just 25% and retaining second place. The film added 26 million dollars to its 235 million dollar domestic haul.

Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women managed to leap frog Frozen II, dropping less than 20% and taking third. With the award season buzz starting to ramp up, I’d imagine this film will continue to see solid week-on-week totals.

Not too tight, I’m going to be in this getup for a while.

Other Films.

Frozen II had reason to celebrate, despite being knocked out of the top three. At more than 1.3 billion dollars in global sales, Elsa and Anna now hold the title of highest grossing animated film of all time. They took this record from…Frozen I. I guess we’ll need a third Frozen just to make the top three nice and tidy.

Our only new wide release debuted at number four. The Grudge took in 11 million dollars, which was better than early forecasts. Sony should be happy for that total, as the budget was just 10 million dollars. The downside is that the film got hacked to pieces by critics and audience scores. That could haunt this film to an early grave.

Seriously, some of those reviews will curl your toes!

Top Ten Films.

  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (34.5)
  2. Jumanji: The Next Level (26.2)
  3. Little Women (13.6)
  4. Frozen II (11.8)
  5. The Grudge (11.4)
  6. Spies in Disguise (10.3)
  7. Knives Out (8.9)
  8. Uncut Gems (7.5)
  9. Bombshell (4.0)
  10. Cats (2.6)

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