Box Office Wrap Up: Hustlers Challenge IT.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hustlers Challenge IT.
Making all the money.

Box Office Wrap Up: Hustlers Challenge IT.

IT Chapter 2 nearly gets out-hustled by Jennifer Lopez’ Hustlers at the box office.

Pennywise put out a strong second-week performance, but J-Lo nearly toppled the clown.  The box office itself had a decent weekend compared to recent years.  WB took the top spot with IT, but their other offering this week had it’s wings clipped.  Another book adaptation, The Goldfinch, slammed into a glass window pane and nearly fell out of the top ten its first week out.

Putting in the work.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was down 20% from last week, but did well compared to the historical records.  It was up a percent from last year, and not very far behind 2017.  This is a good vantage point for comparison, as IT Chapter 1 was the top film that year, and also heading into its second week.  Both films held the top spot in their sophomore frames.

Top Film One Year Ago:  The Predator.

Movie Review: The Predator.
Man, I gotta talk about this again?

Top Film Ten Years Ago:  I Can Do Bad All by Myself.

We know, we saw Proud Mary…zing!

Top Three Films.

Andres Muschietti’s horror film stayed on top of the pile this week.  It flagged 55% to take in 40 million dollars.  The first film in the series dropped 51%, but faced markedly less opposition.  IT Chapter 2 continues to earn well at home and abroad, and still has more markets to hit in the coming weeks.

Making all the money.

Hustlers came close to claiming the top spot in a debut that far outpaced predictions.  The Jennifer Lopez-led crime thriller grabbed 33 million dollars in its premier, making it the biggest J-Lo film (outside of voice work) and best premier for STX studios.  The film also landed solidly with critics, promising a good run for the film.

After the top two, the rest of the top ten drops markedly.  Angel has Fallen landed at three with 4 million dollars.  The Gerard Butler vehicle is poised to pass London has Fallen for domestic totals, but is still a long distance off of the first film, Olympus has Fallen.

Other Films.

I hope WB saved some of that IT money.

The Goldfinch could not make it out of its cage this weekend.  It took in just 2.6 million dollars at launch, which is not bad for direction John Crowley (Brooklyn, Boy A) but is horrible for how aggressively the film premiered.  In super wide release, the film showed in 2500 theaters and averaged just 1k per screen.  That puts it in the top ten worst wide releases of all time.  Having a budget of 45 million dollars is not going to do this film any favors, either.

Top Ten Films.

1.  IT Chapter 2  (40.7)

2.  Hustlers  (33.2)

3.  Angel has Fallen  (4.4)

4.  Good Boys  (4.2)

5.  The Lion King  (3.5)

6.  Hobbs & Shaw  (2.7)

7.  Overcomer  (2.7)

8.  The Goldfinch  (2.6)

9.  The Peanut Butter Falcon  (1.9)

10.  Dora and the Lost City of Gold  (1.8)


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