Box Office Wrap Up: IFC Finds a Winner.

IFC Films dominates the quarantine box office as The Wretched goes for a solid month at #1.

As we look to close out our second complete month of quarantine at movie theaters, we’ve got a couple take-aways. First, IFC has been the studio to beat: 8 films from IFC have been the number one earning film going all the way back to the start of April. Second, slowly but surely the numbers are going up.

This Week in Box Office History.

Due to technical difficulties, we weren’t able to cover last week’s figures, in which we broke 100 thousand dollars in box office totals for the first time since the Covid-19 outbreak shuttered theaters. This week, the box office doubled that total. As far as bellwethers go, we’re starting to see a steady and accelerating rise in ticket sales.

Where do we go from here? One potential pitfall is that IFC is kinda out of scheduled releases. It’s new film, The Trip to Greece, only opened in third place, and we’re not due another one from them till late June. One potential upside is that the other IFC films have continued to gross well and we’ll be seeing our first wide theatrical release in (late) June. The next three weeks could be a roller coaster.

Top Film One Year Ago: Aladdin.

Box Office Wrap Up: IFC Finds a Winner.
Let me do the talking, Al.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Shrek Forever After.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

Box Office Wrap Up: IFC Finds a Winner.
And “take your kid to work” day was never the same…

Top Three Films.

The Wretched stalked yet another first place finish. After one month in release, it has been the top film every week and has managed to pull down half a million dollars in the process. Nearly half of that total came from this week’s best-in-show take of 216K dollars.

Box Office Wrap Up: IFC Finds a Winner.

How to Build a Girl remained in the second spot, though its fortunes have tailed off drastically. In three weeks of release, it has just managed under 70K dollars domestically.

Our only new release, The Trip to Greece, premiered in third place. It only took in 1K in reported earnings. I’m not sure if a comedic travelogue was ever expected to bank big bucks, but I’m sure stars Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon hoped a bit of wanderlust from cooped-up audiences would go farther.

Two dry comedians travel in style and dine out. Yeah, I can see why audiences may not have had an appetite for this.

Top Ten Five Films.

  1. The Wretched (216K)
  2. How to Build a Girl (1.1K)
  3. The Trip To Greece (1.1K)
  4. True History of the Kelly Gang (.3K)
  5. The Burnt Orange Heresy (.01K)
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