Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!
Later, box office!

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!

Disney/Pixar’s Incredibles 2 posts the best opening for an animated movie and seems poised to challenge Finding Dory for biggest of all time.

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!
Just getting the big boy pants back out…

After a little wobble with Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney is back to being Disney.  This frame they’ve unleashed a super hero sized wallop on the box office.  After a 14 year layover, The Incredibles are back in charge, posting the biggest opening weekend for an animated feature film ever.  With such a large lead and strong approval from audiences and critics (our own review be damned!) it looks poised to challenge Pixar’s Finding Dory for the biggest animated feature of all time…if it can manage to avoid running into some very angry dinosaurs this weekend.

This Week in Box Office History.

Incredibles 2 continues a streak of high-powered animated films dominating this frame in June.  While it’s record shattering 180 million dollar opening is eye-popping, this has been a good weekend for animated films in general.  In the last 18 years, Pixar has scored big with Finding Nemo, Cars 1 and Cars 3, and other films like Madagascar 3 have also done well.

The overall wave created by Incredibles 2 lifted the box office 42% over last year and a whopping 125% over last week.  While early June was floundering, late June is poised to put up record numbers.  With one week to go, Jurassic World 2 and company will need to put up only 60-80 million dollars, total, in order to make this the best June on record.  I guess blockbuster season isn’t dead yet after all.

Top Film Last Year: Cars 3.

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!

Top Film Last Decade:  The Incredible Hulk.

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!
People just dig the word Incredible, I guess.

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!
Later, box office!

Incredibles 2 put on a show with 180 million dollars in the US and 259 million dollars in total global earnings.  This was the biggest debut for an animated film and good enough to make the top ten earnings list for a premier in any movie category.  Beauna Vista, holders of the Disney/Pixar/Marvel/Lucasfilm behemoth now owns 9 of the top 10 biggest openings of all time.  Jurassic World is the sole holdout, from Universal Studios.

Second place belonged to Ocean’s 8, which had a 54% drop in its second week.  The heist film has turned in 80 million in domestic earnings and 120 world-wide.  While it is tracking to make in the 120-150 million dollar range, it’s going to need some long legs to outpace Ocean’s 11, which hung around on strong word of mouth to make 183 million dollars despite having a smaller debut.

Adult comedy Tag grabbed the third spot with a modest 15 million dollar premier.  The R-rated film about a long-running game of Tag may have benefited from an earlier release in the month, but trying to edge in between two Disney giants was going to be a heavy lift either way.

Box Office Wrap Up: Incredible!
Sorry. If the only Avenger you can get is Hawkeye, you’re going to need a bigger hook.

Other Films.

The remake of Superfly struggled to get out of the game, taking in 7 million dollars against a 16 million dollar budget.  This was good enough for 6th place, but critical response to the film has been pretty negative.  This will likely limit its room to grow.

There were two other limited release films in town this week: Gotti and Race 3.  Gotti, starring John Travolta and distributed by MoviePass, was absolutely savaged by critics and wound up placing outside the top ten.  It made 1.7 million dollars, “good” enough for 11th place.  It barely edged out Bollywood beefcake action flick Race 3…of which I will have a lot to say in my review!

Sorry, John, no matter how much MoviePass brigades Rotten Tomatoes, definitely not a thumbs up.

Top Ten Movies.

(in millions)

1.  Incredibles 2  (182.6)

2.  Ocean’s 8  (18.9)

3.  Tag  (14.9)

4.  Solo A Star Wars Story  (10.0)

5.  Deadpool 2  (8.6)

6.  Superfly  (6.8)

7.  Hereditary  (6.8)

8.  Avengers: Infinity War  (5.4)

9.  Adrift  (2.2)

10.  Book Club  (1.8)

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