Box Office Wrap Up: It’s Still a Zoo Out There

Box Office Wrap Up:  Zootopia Remains King, Allegiant Misses a Beat.

The reigning champ, Disney’s Zootopia, managed to hold onto first place for a third week despite the challenge from The Divergent Series’ latest entry, Allegiant.  Two words that don’t exist vying for supremacy this week.  Thanks Hollywood, I love it when my word processor is a mess of red squiggles because you can’t come up with titles using actual words.

Nothing a good cry won't solve.
Nothing a good cry won’t solve.

Zootopia had another great hold this week, netting 39 million dollars at the box office while only dropping 25% from last week.  Both new wide releases finished in the top three, with  The Divergent  Series part 3 coming in at 29 million and Miracles from Heaven making 15 million.  With the flop of last week’s faith-based film, The Young Messiah, Miracles from Heaven must be giving a major sigh of relief.  Divergent, on the other hand, managed to miss the mark from both previous entries, though it only fell a couple million short of the last outing, Insurgent.  Lionsgate/Summit studios should be fine with this week’s results, but the continuing downward trend for the series may be troubling.  Overall, this weekend was down by about two million in sales from the same frame last year, and the trend has been going in that direction since about 2010.

Expect a shake up next weekend as Batman V Superman and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 make their way to theaters.  While I don’t hold much hope for the quality of either, they’re pretty well known quantities that target two large and distinct audience demographics, and should suck a lot of oxygen out of the room.  I can’t imagine Divergent is going to age as gracefully as Zootopia has managed when having to compete against those two films.

No respect.
No respect.

In a side note, a late entry to the release party, The Bronze, was green lit for 1000 theaters and managed to make only 400,000 dollars, which you may rightfully regard as atrocious.  There was virtually no marketing for this project, which tells the story of a bronze medalist gymnast who returns as a washed up semi-celebrity to her home town, only to find that their is a new Olympic hopeful around who is challenging her status.  I can’t understand why Sony decided to hang this film out to dry in such a manner.  Though other Olympic films of late have been less than lucrative (Race has yet to clear 20 million in earnings, and Eddie the Eagle can be properly classed a disaster since it has only made back 75% of its budget and is hemorrhaging screens as a result) it still seems bizarre to throw this film under the bus so far in advance of the Summer Olympics.  Why not hang on till August when interest might be slightly higher?  It seems the Brazil Olympics is becoming an albatross for everyone involved.

It's going to take a miracle...
It’s going to take a miracle…

Top Ten

(In Millions)
10.  The Revenant (1.2)
9.  The Brothers Grimsby  (1.4)
8.  The Perfect Match  (1.9)
7.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  (2.8)
6.  London Has Fallen  (6.8)
5.  Deadpool  (8.0)
4.  10 Cloverfield Lane  (12.5)

3.  Miracles From Heaven  (15.0)

2.  The Divergent Series:  Allegiant  (29.0)

1. Zootopia  (38.0)


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