Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.

The third chapter of Keanu’s assassin franchise puts a hit on Avengers Endgame, and they didn’t even hurt his dog!

After three weekends at the top spot, Endgame topples and we have a new number one.  John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum shot to the top spot, setting a milestone for the franchise.  The good news only extended to the top of the chart, as fellow new arrivals A Dog’s Journey and The Sun is Also a Star failed to find audiences.  Across the board we saw a return to the wobbly numbers that have made 2019 so hard to predict.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.
Why yes, I will shut up and give you my money. Still.

This Week in Box Office History.

John Wick 3 helped keep the box office alive, adding 55 million dollars to the weekend.  Despite the big bounty on his head, John couldn’t keep the box office from slipping 13% compared to last week and 30% compared to last year, when Deadpool 2 was dominating.  I guess when it comes to hired guns, the merc with a mouth had the quicker draw.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.
Still the creepy blue space cats to beat.

Avengers Endgame surpassed Avatar on the domestic all-time list, taking possession of the second spot.  The battle for number one still rages:  Engame trails Avatar in the worldwide box office by 170 million dollars, and it trails The Force Awakens by by nearly the same number.  Worldwide will be the easier lift, as China continues to pour money into Disney’s pockets at a fantastic clip.  The domestic box office title is highly unlikely – the film had yet another 50+% decline this weekend.  With Disney’s Aladdin starting the summer season early next week, Endgame is not likely to see a big jump in ticket sales.

Top Film Last Year:  Deadpool 2.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.
Still got that loving feeling.

Top Film Last Decade:  Angels and Demons.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.
Really? People saw this conspiracy movie dud?

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.
Traffic in NY, amiright?

John Wick had a fantastic weekend (despite, you know, being chased by killers through New York City.)  The third chapter notched 57 million dollars in domestic earnings and just under 100 million in foreign sales.  For perspective, that debut was nearly double the second movie, and four times the first movie’s premier.  In fact, its one-week total is more than the first John Wick earned during its whole run!  And that movie was considered a surprise success!

Critical reception was also strong…despite what I felt of the movie…meaning that John has a good chance of cracking 100 million dollars domestically for the first time in the franchise.

Second place saw Avengers Endgame add another 29 million dollars to the war chest.  This was another 53% drop for the film, which has really come down hard from its record setting opening.  Despite the eye-popping early numbers, the film is already starting to pack it in, shedding 400 theaters this weekend.

Detective Pikachu stepped down to third place, having a similar 54% drop.  It managed to add 24 million dollars to its bank account, bringing domestic totals to just under 100 million dollars.  It’s going to need to keep Pokemon Go-ing at a better clip if it wants to top Lara Croft – Tomb Raider as the biggest video game movie of all time.  Ms. Croft currently is ahead in the treasure hunt at 131 million dollars at the US box office.

Other Films.

At fourth place, A Dog’s Journey got walked out behind the shed and put down.  The film took in 8 million dollars against a 22 million dollar budget.  The original Dog’s Purpose took in 18 million despite having a lower critical reception, and ultimately went on to make 64 million dollars in the US.  Seems audiences have seen this dog’s tricks before and aren’t biting.

Box Office Wrap Up: John Wick 3 Bumps Off Avengers.
Good boy…*gun cocks*…

The other wide release, The Sun is Also a Star, couldn’t catch an audience in its gravity.  The teen lit adapted romance took in just 2.6 million dollars, falling to 8th place.  The star-crossed teen romance genre has been active lately, and this entry is way below recent averages.  The film gained mixed reviews, which again bodes ill for this pair of lovers to find a happily ever after at the box office.

Top Ten Films.

1.  John Wick:  Chapter 3 – Parabellum  (57.0)

2.  Avengers:  Endgame  (29.4)

3.  Pokemon Detective Pikachu  (24.8)

4.  A Dog’s Journey  (8.0)

5.  The Hustle  (6.0)

6.  The Intruder  (4.0)

7.  Long Shot  (3.4)

8.  The Sun is Also a Star  (2.6)

9.  Poms  (2.0)

10.  Uglydolls  (1.6)

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