Box Office Wrap Up: Joker Returns.

Box Office Wrap Up: Joker Returns.

A dark and stormy box office weekend saw WB’s Joker retake first place.

October tripped and fell at the finish line. Instead of making a big push to catch last year’s stellar October, we had a weekend where the three new wide releases only had one representative in the top five. Increasingly, when the post-mortem for 2019 comes down, lackluster sequels are going to be major trend that tells the story.

This Week in Box Office History.

The final weekend of October tumbled 26% from last week’s figures. It fell a more modest 4% from last year. Unfortunately, as we’re looking at the third weakest final weekend in a decade, those percentage points were a big difference.

Instead of putting on one final burst of speed, the box office stalled out. With a real chance to secure second place across the categories of month, season, and year earnings, we instead remain in a strained third place. Perhaps movie-goers will pile into theaters between now and Thursday. If not, this is going to be the Halloween that Almost Wasn’t.

Top Film One Year Ago: Halloween.

Yeah, sure, Mike. Halloween’s the 19th…

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Paranormal Activity.

Feels like this franchise has been around a lot longer than this. Like, forever.

Top Three Films.

Joker laughed his way back to first place, throwing another 19 million dollars onto his domestic earnings. The film has racked up 277 million dollars at home and 850 million dollars worldwide. It has now passed Deadpool and Deadpool 2 as the biggest R-rated release to date.

You going to let him do this to us, Dopinder?

Angelina Jolie and Disney had to settle for second place with Maleficent 2 slipping a spot. The sequel took in 18 million dollars, just losing out to Joker. The real issue is that Maleficent Mistress of Evil struggles abroad. Despite a solid opening in China, it has made virtually nothing in that market since launch. It has managed just 93 million dollars worldwide, against an estimated budget shy of 200 million dollars.

You rang?

The Addams Family snapped their way into third with 11 million dollars. While the film has languished critically, it has managed 84 million dollars worldwide, the lion share of it domestically.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Joker Returns.

We have to drop all the way down to fifth place to find a new release. Countdown, the latest cell-phone based horror flick, took in 9 million dollars. Despite a low ranking, that doesn’t pose a problem to STX as the film has a micro-budget of around 7 million dollars.

Black and Blue winds up in a more precarious situation in sixth place. It took in just 8 million dollars against a projected cost of 12 million dollars.

The real horror story is The Current War. This film struggled to hit theaters as world-class asshole Harvey Weinstein put his tainted touch all over it and the creators had to struggle for years to get the rights back. For all of that effort, the film barely cracked the top ten. It made just 2.7 million dollars against an estimated 30 million dollar budget.

Box Office Wrap Up: Joker Returns.
Here’s your problem – a serial sex offender gumming up the works.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Joker (19.8)
  2. Maleficent Mistress of Evil (18.5)
  3. The Addams Family (11.7)
  4. Zombieland Double Tap (11.6)
  5. Countdown (9.0)
  6. Black and Blue (8.3)
  7. Gemini Man (4.0)
  8. The Lighthouse (3.0)
  9. The Current War Director’s Cut (2.7)
  10. Abominable (2.0)

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