Box Office Wrap Up: Jumanji Takes Box Office to Next Level.

Box Office Wrap Up: Jumanji Takes Box Office to Next Level.

Jumanji dethroned Disney atop the box while doubling the first film’s debut.

It looks like we won’t be adding Jumanji’s name to the list of sequels that faltered in 2019. The Next Level topped the box office, crowding out Frozen 2 and pulling down nearly double what Welcome to the Jungle opened to. In comparison, Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell floundered in its debut. 2019 is the year of mixed results, it would seem.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office also featured mixed results. Powered by Jumanji, it grew by 30% compared to last week. It shrunk a few percentage points compared to last year, but looking at just the top ten it actually beat out the same frame from 2018.

With the deadline drawing near, 2019 is going to need all the muscle Star Wars can manage to catch 2018’s record-breaking total. With two weeks till the bell, we’re lagging 6% behind 2018, to the tune of a half a billion dollars. Episode IX would need to open with Avengers Endgame numbers to close the gap…and would probably need other wide releases like Cats not to hack up a hairball.

Yeah…not holding out a lot of hope for this film.

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Top Three Films.

Jumanji: The Next Level hacked its way through the jungle to deliver a 59 million dollar opening. That blows past the 36 million dollars that 2017’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle posted. The first rebooted Jumanji had incredible longevity, staying in the top ten for months. We’ll see if The Next Level has that kind of staying power.

Frozen 2 got demoted to second place, adding 19 million dollars to its domestic cume of 366 million dollars. The film has already cracked the one billion dollar mark globally.

Rian Johnson’s Knives Out took third place. The murder mystery added 9 million dollars to a solid 78 million dollar US total. Knives Out matched that take with its international totals, sitting on 160 million dollars in combined earnings.

Other Films.

The dramatic biopic Richard Jewell flopped into fourth place, taking in just 4 million dollars against a 40 million dollar budget. The film had been anticipated to generate 10 million dollars.

Stay back, it’s a bomb…a box office bomb!

There was similar disappointment in the fifth spot, as newcomer Black Christmas also fell below studio estimates. The horror remake managed just 4 million dollars. That’s not ruinous for a horror flick with just 5 million dollars for a budget, but the film got hacked to pieces by reviewers.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Jumanji: The Next Level (59.2)
  2. Frozen II (19.0)
  3. Knives Out (9.1)
  4. Richard Jewell (4.6)
  5. Black Christmas (4.2)
  6. Ford V Ferrari (4.0)
  7. Queen & Slim (3.5)
  8. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (3.2)
  9. Dark Waters (1.8)
  10. 21 Bridges (1.1)
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