Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
I guess The Hunger Games weren't so bad, after all...

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.

Hollywood begins June with the worst numbers in nearly 20 years of ticket sales.

Solo compounded a weak debut with a total second week collapse, and the three new films premiering at the box office were no help.  While the new action flick Upgrade outperformed expectations, it’s niche demographic and modest theater count could not counterbalance the overall troubles.  The first full weekend in June landed with a thud, delivering the worst numbers in decades and the second worst weekend at the box office of 2018.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
Yeah, he’s been making these movies for that long.

Box Office totals were horrendous, with all films accounting for only 106 million dollars in sales.  This is the weakest offering for the month of June in 18 years.  The last time the box dipped below 100 million in June was in 2000, when Mission Impossible II was the top film.  As well as being historically bad, this weekend also was a low point for 2018:  the box office has only been this low once before this year, in the first week of February, when Jumanji: Weclome to the Jungle was still holding court.  Overall the totals were down 41% from last week and 42% from last year.

Top Movie Last Year: Wonder Woman.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.

Top Movie Last Decade:  Sex and the City.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
I guess June is ladies month!

Top Three Movies.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
Well…I’m going to need my blaster back, you little twerp.

Solo: a Star Wars Story hung on to first place by its fingernails.  The film took in 29 million dollars in its second week, stumbling 64% from its premier.  Falls this large are not uncommon when a blockbuster A) started out with sky-high numbers or B) is facing stiff competition.  Solo was doing neither of these.  The “is it a flop or just a disappointment” conversation seems to be over, since Solo has not only collapsed at home but has also continued to be greeted with a lack of enthusiasm abroad.  Its world wide total sits at 264 million dollars.  Disney hasn’t release budget information for Solo, but with pricey re-shoots and heavy marketing, it is estimated to have cost upwards of 300 million dollars.  At this point, Solo is looking at a theater run of 350-400 million worldwide, which is effectively a disaster.

Second place was reserved for Deadpool 2, which added another 22 million to its toy collection.  The film continues to perform well overseas and abroad, and it now sits at just a shade under 600 million dollars in total earnings, putting it in the top 25 of super hero movies all time and the top 2 of the X-Men franchise.  Fox should probably notice that their two best X-Men movies are not X-Men movies – Deadpool owns both spots.

The third spot went to Adrift, the first of the three wide release films to appear on the top ten.  The dramatic lost at sea story bailed enough water to wind up with 11 million dollars, well shy of studio estimates.  With a budget of 35 million dollars, it is going to have to tread water during a busy June box office in order to break even.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
I guess The Hunger Games weren’t so bad, after all…

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
More on this later.

The second new release to place was Upgrade.  The action thriller/body horror film from Blumhouse was the sole film this week to overperform estimates, taking in close to 5 million dollars against a 9 million dollar budget, winding up in 6th place.  Audience reaction was very positive, though it really skewed heavily towards young men.  The micro targeting of this film will make it hard to sell to a wider audience…which is a shame since it was quite good!

The last new release film, Action Point, wound up in the hospital after trying to light its farts on fire.  The Johnny Knoxville led pratfall comedy crashed into 9th place, taking in 2.3 million dollars against a 19 million dollar budget.  WTF?! Who in Hollywood gave Johnny Knoxville 20 million dollars?  Besides featuring a star whose brand and popularity are both in decline, the film had no marketing.  I still haven’t seen an ad for this movie, and I watch trailers for a living.

Box Office Wrap Up: June Adrift with Awful Sales.
Keep aging gracefully pal.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Solo:  A Star Wars Story  (29.3)

2.  Deadpool 2  (23.1)

3.  Adrift  (11.6)

4.  Avengers: Infinity War  (10.5)

5.  Book Club  (7.0)

6.  Upgrade  (4.6)

7.  Life of the Party  (3.5)

8.  Breaking In  (2.8)

9.  Action Point  (2.3)

10.  Overboard  (1.9)

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