Box Office Wrap Up: Jurassic World Indomitable

Inside Out has big weekend, Jurassic World is still King!

Alright, enough about the damn dinosaurs already!
Alright, enough about the damn dinosaurs already!
Sorry, Pixar, the little fish is you in this picture...
Sorry, Pixar, the little fish is you in this picture…

Jurassic World continues to lead the box office with a phenomenal second week at number 1, managing to score another $100 million plus weekend.  The film has crushed revenue records nearly every day it has been out, and is set to surge past huge money-makers like Furious 7 and Age of Ultron on the all time list.  If you blink, you may just miss this film making its first billion dollars world wide…which it should accomplish by Tuesday.  The only competition on the horizon for World is the dubious Terminator Genysis which drops like an anvil early July, and I expect Universal’s reptilian killing machine to make short work of that aging fossil.

Pixar scored a strong weekend for its latest animated feature, Inside Out, which managed 91 million for its debut.  That figure was much higher than hoped for, and nearly toppled Toy Story 3 for the strongest opening of a Pixar film.  It has another two weeks until it sees competition from another animated film in the form of Minions, the prequel to Despicable Me.  Bank on this film staying strong until then. second place.
…to second place.

Mellisa McCarthy’s Spy held on narrowly for a third place finish, with The Rock’s San Andreas following closely behind.  The only other wide release this weekend, Dope, rounds out the top five with a respectable 6 million take.  Press is positive for Dope, but 6 million may be a hard sell for the studio if you’re hoping to see this film expand to a theater near you any time soon.

Here’s the top ten:

1.  Jurassic World, $102 million

2.  Inside Out, $91 million

3.  Spy, $10 million

4.  San Andreas, $8 million

5.  Dope, $6 million

6.  Insidious 3, $4 million

7.  Pitch Perfect 2, $3 million

8.  Mad Max Fury Road, $2.8 million

9.  Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, $2.7 million

10.  Tomorrowland, $2 million



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