Box Office Wrap Up: Labor Day Saves the Weekend

Box Office Wrap Up.

September threatened to ruin Augusts streak of big weekends, but a solid holiday Monday helped the box office bounce back.

Box Office Wrap Up: Labor Day
Won’t anyone please see my movie!?!

August 2016 has been very good to the movie studios, improving ticket sales by anywhere from 15% to 85% when compared to last year.  There are more mouths to feed, but all that extra gravy is going a long way to keep studios happy.  Despite a feeling of lackluster offerings, there really has only been one flop in August, Ben-Hur, which is still struggling to make 25% of its budget back a month after release.  Every one else is at least making their money back.

That trend looked to be in trouble this week as the traditional Thursday to Sunday frame saw a big drop from last week, and a substantial drop compared to the previous year.  Luckily viewers were willing to spend their extra day off watching movies, as the one day take added up to nearly 30 million dollars for the combined box office totals.  That was good enough to stop the bleeding and actually make the weekend a success compared to last year.

No Love for New Movies

Box Office Wrap Up: Labor Day
Up, up, and away!

Retaining its spot at number one, Don’t Breathe added another 20 million to the haul, making it a resounding success compared to its 9 million dollar budget.  Second place went to Suicide Squad, which managed to top the 300 million dollar mark thanks to the long weekend.  Third place saw Pete’s Dragon jump all the way up from 6th place, a strong feat considering the film seemed to have been unable to connect with audiences, but that may have been due to kids being occupied with end of summer festivities.

Box Office Wrap Up: Labor Day
“Dear Sir, we regret to inform you that you have not been nominated for an Academy Award for this picture…”

The two new releases out this week, Morgan and The Light Between Oceans, both failed to find pay dirt on Labor Day.  The Light Between Oceans, starring Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender, only managed an 8th place finish, earning 5 million dollars back against its 20 million dollar budget.  Morgan couldn’t even manage to break into the top ten, landing with a thud at the 18th position.  The film seemed to lack any solid publicity campaign, and the film has been pretty widely panned as a cookie cutter Frankenstein’s monster parable.  Morgan does have one saving grace:  it only cost 8 million dollars to make, so the bar is really really low on recouping the studio’s investment.

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.  Don’t Breathe (19.5)

2.  Suicide Squad  (12.8)

3.  Pete’s Dragon  (8.5)

4.  Kubo and the Two Strings  (8.5)

5.  Sausage Party  (6.5)

6.  War Dogs  (6.0)

7.  Bad Moms  (6.0)

8.  The Light Between Oceans  (5.9)

9.  Hell or High Water  (5.6)

10.  Mechanic: Resurrection  (5.5)

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