Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.

Box Office Wrap Up: Kingsman Golden, IT Breaks Horror Record.
Great, now the studio is going to think we need more of THIS.

Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.

After last week’s big splash, The Great Wall and others get water-logged.

Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.

The big question after last week’s huge box office was if the new releases could keep the momentum going.  Unfortunately, The Great Wall, A Cure for Wellness and Fist Fight weren’t able to rise to the occasion.  While it wasn’t a disastrous weekend, it was well below last week, and a decent percent below last year at this time, which was flush with the wild success of DeadpoolThe President’s Day holiday offered some solace, but still couldn’t make up lost ground from a trio of new films that failed to excite audiences.

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.
Shut it, BIRDMAN!

First place remained in Gotham as LEGO Batman repeated in the top spot.  It has a very good hold from last week’s debut, only losing 38% and earning a solid 33 million dollars.  It has already crushed its 80 million dollar budget while also picking up a strong 70 million dollar take across the ocean.  LEGO Mania is running wild, brother, and I think even the silly LEGO Ninjago movie has a chance this year!

The second position went to another returning film, Fifty Shades Darker.  While its decline was more noticeable at 56%, it still is making great money.  The film has trounced its budget and is making a slightly confusing amount of money overseas.  Nearly 200 million from foreign markets for soft-core S&M?  C’mon people.  Every movie ever to come out of France has more sexy scenes in the first twenty minutes.  You need to step your game up.

Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.
Seriously? A full clothed shower scene? A french drama would have a double-headed dildo out already.
Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.
Later, losers!!!

The Great Wall managed to crack the top three.  Not that it cares.  The movie has made 244 million dollars abroad.  Director Zhang Yimou could light his cigars with all of the American box office money, and still be sitting on a pile of cash.  He also already has a track record of films that had success in US markets, so this film is not a make or break moment for his career.

The Rest.

The fourth spot went to another returning film.  John Wick 2 had a standard drop of just under 50%, ending up with 16 million.  It has slowed in foreign sales, but is still well above its budget, and has already cruised past the overall earnings of the first movie.  I, for one, welcome our John Wick franchise overlords.

Fifth place went to Ice Cube’s Fist Fight.  The film probably wanted a bigger first period, but made back half its budget.  It should end up a modest success, and with the home-market draw that Ice Cube comedies have, they are probably already drafting Fist Fight 2.

Box Office Wrap Up: LEGO Batman Returns.
An opening weekend concussion. Usually fatal…

The last new release, A Cure For Wellness, fared much worse.  It barely held on to tenth place with 4 million dollars.  I enjoyed the movie…but knew that it was a niche film in a niche market that has really been a gamble in the last decade.  All of the marketing chicanery from 20th Century Fox probably poisoned the well instead of creating buzz.  That’s a shame, since I found the film to be pretty entertaining and a really well made film for fans of nitty-gritty film techniques.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions.)

1.  The LEGO Batman Movie  (33.0)

2.  Fifty Shades Darker  (20.3)

3.  The Great Wall  (18.4)

4.  John Wick:  Chapter Two  (16.1)

5.  Fist Fight  (12.2)

6.  Hidden Figures  (7.2)

7.  Split  (7.1)

8.  A Dog’s Purpose  (5.6)

9.  La La Land  (4.5)

10.  A Cure for Wellness  (4.3)

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