Box Office Wrap Up: Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones
Hail to the king.

Box Office Wrap Up: Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones.

Disney continues to dominate with The Lion King and Avengers Endgame both surpassing box office records.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones
See? You just had to believe in yourself!

Well.  It finally happened.  Avengers Endgame just squeaked past Avatar to become the highest grossing worldwide film.  What looked like a forgone conclusion early in its run became less and less certain as the film lost steam.  The inclusion of deleted scenes seems to have done the trick, pushing the film over with a total just shy of 2.8 billion dollars.  This achievement was the cherry on top of a delicious weekend for Disney, which also saw The Lion King set records all over the place on its way to the number one spot.

This Week in Box Office History.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones
Hail to the king.

The box office roared back to life on just the strength of The Lion King alone.  The box was up 100% from last week and 47% from last year.  The record setting 185 million dollars taken in by The Lion King alone was enough to surpass last year’s total earnings.  That figure, 185 million dollars, easily made the film the biggest July premier on record, and the biggest premier for a PG movie of all time.  It didn’t hurt that The Lion King is also the current holder of the largest release of all time, showing in 4,725 theaters.

There’s still quite a bit of heavy lifting to do to repair all of the subpar performances from this summer’s sequels.  We’re still pacing just under 300 million dollars behind last year’s July earnings and more than 450 million dollars off of the all-time July record set in 2016.  That said, Disney is really helping to close that gap with Lion King, Toy Story, and Aladdin all still cruising at theaters.  We’re pacing just 1% behind 2018’s summer season.

Top Film Last Year:  The Equalizer 2.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones

Top Film Last Decade:  Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones

Top Three Films.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones
Just walk on off into the sunset.

The Lion King won the throne easily this weekend.  At 185 million dollars, it grabbed the lion share of the earnings, an eye popping 73% of all ticket sales.  Depending on how the film winds up being classified, it may wind up unseating Incredibles 2 as the biggest animated debut of all time.  I mean, I don’t see no actual people in this film, so I’m hard pressed to even call it a “live-action” adaptation.  Either way, it was paws down the biggest “re-imagining” Disney has fielded to date, even muscling past 2017’s Beauty and the Beast.

Spider-Man’s second place finish of 21 million dollars looks downright quaint in comparison.  Sony has banked 320 million dollars domestically and just shy of 1 billion dollars worldwide with Far from Home, making this the most profitable Spider-Man film to date.  It still has a way to go to out-earn Sam Raimi’s originals domestically, but that sweet, sweet global box office is really lining up for Jon Watt’s latter day series.

Disney also locked down the third spot, with Toy Story 4 adding another 14 million dollars at home.  The film sits at a global total of 859 million dollars.  This puts TS4 still lagging behind the third installment, and in fourth place when it comes to all Pixar films.

Other Films.

The Lion King was the only new wide release for the frame, but both Bleeker Street and A24 took the opportunity to expand their limited release titles.  A24 added 31 screens to its comedy drama, The Farewell, and took in an amazing 1.1 million dollars in just 35 total theaters.  It landed in 12th place.

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones
What do you know, another movie featuring a predominantly Asian cast crushing it.

Bleeker expanded The Art of Self Defense to 550 theaters total and finished just below A24 with 1.05 million dollars in 13th place.

Top Ten Films.

1.  The Lion King  (185.0)

2.  Spider-Man Far from Home  (21.0)

3.  Toy Story 4  (14.6)

4.  Crawl  (6.0)

5.  Yesterday  (5.1)

6.  Stuber  (4.0)

7.  Aladdin  (3.8)

8.  Annabelle Comes Home  (2.6)

9.  Midsommar  (1.5)

10.  The Secret Life of Pets 2  (1.5)


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