Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend.

Horror films continue to dominate, but the box office was a ghost of its former self this weekend.

We predicted that the weekend was going to be rough at the box office, and we weren’t wrong.  The Easter holiday season tends to be slow at theaters, and this year the effect was pronounced.  WB scored another top spot premier with the latest Conjouring spin off, The Curse of La Llorona.  While it managed to over-perform at number one, the rest of the box office struggled.  This included Penguins, the latest animal documentary from Disneynature, which had the worst outing of the imprints young history.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend
…but it’s not the WORST penguin movie we’ve seen

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was down 2% from last week and 14% from last year.  The weekend’s total take of 108 million is the third weakest total for the calendar year so far, and it’s the second weakest in the last decade.  Despite a good patch in March, 2019 has consistently faltered when compared to recent years.  We’re 16% behind last year, and 17% 2017.

…that being said, we’re also one week away from Avengers: Endgame, which pre sale estimates have led to predictions of a billion dollars in its first weekend world wide.  So, yeah, pair that with the last Star Wars movie in the trilogy hitting in December, and 2019 has a punchers chance to turn things around.

Top Film Last Year:  A Quiet Place.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend

Top Film Last Decade:  17 Again.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend
Really? People saw this movie?

Top Three Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend
There, there, we’ll just go back to creepy dolls and silly nuns.

The Curse of La Llorona took first place, scaring up 26 million dollars.  That was a bit above predictions, but tepid compared to other films in the Conjuring franchise.  Since the original Conjuring, the franchise has been fairly steady in the 35-40 million dollar range.  The last addition, The Nun, jumped up to 53 million dollars.  Those films all had a larger connection to the franchise, with La Llorona definitely feeling like an outsider.  That may have contributed to its lesser appeal for fans.

Shazam! got knocked into second place, but held strong in its third week.  The film took in another 17 million dollars, pushing its global cumulative to 320 million dollars.  It declined only 29% in ticket sales, which is a very strong hold for a third weekend.  Conventional wisdom would think that it will suffer next week next to Avengers, but I have a feeling that with so many sold out theaters, it may pick up business from folks who can’t get a ticket to Marvel’s romp.

Breakthrough was the latest faith-based flick to have a bigger-than-anticipated weekend.  I guess it’s not surprising, given the Easter holiday.  Still, a third place debut and 11 million in sales makes it the biggest Christian flick of the year, and in a league with Risen, I Can Only Imagine, and Miracles from Heaven.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend
What a lucky break!

Other Films.

There was little movement in the rest of the top ten.  The other new release, Disneynatures’s Penguins, failed to make the cut.  It would up in 12th place with 2.3 million dollars, despite having a head start with a Wednesday release.  Disneynature has had a solid track record so far, opening 8 films in the range of 4-10 million dollars.  A take of 2 million is a marked decline.

Box Office Wrap Up: Llorona Haunts Cursed Weekend
…but still, not the worst penguin movie we’ve seen.

Top Ten Films.

1.  The Curse of La Llorona  (26.5)

2.  Shazam!  (17.3)

3.  Breakthrough  (11.1)

4.  Captain Marvel  (9.1)

5.  Little  (8.4)

6.  Dumbo  (6.8)

7.  Pet Sematary  (4.8)

8.  Missing Link  (4.3)

9.  Us  (4.2)

10.  Hellboy  (3.8)

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