Box Office Wrap Up: Logan Slashes Competition.

Second Opinion: Logan (Spoilers).
Just walk off into that sunset.

Box Office Wrap Up: Logan Slashes Competition.

Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final turn as the Wolverine, dominated the box office.

It was a strong start for March and an excellent final effort from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, with Logan taking a commanding first place with nearly 90 million dollars in domestic earnings.  The Box Office top ten took in nearly 170 million dollars, a big jump from last week’s roughly 104 million dollars.  It was also a good 30 million or so better than last year, which saw Zootopia just starting its gargantuan run.

Top Three.

Box Office Wrap Up: Logan Slashes Competition.
Another day, another dollar.

The big winner this weekend was of course Logan.  The film took in 88 million dollars domestically and 160 million overseas.  Against a 127 million dollar budget, that is a strong start.  It is the third highest debut for an X-Men property, behind X-Men: The Last Stand (105 million) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (90 million.)  It surpassed any of Wolverine’s stand alone films, though it did fall before the might of Deadpool, which earned a fourth-wall shattering 132 million on its first weekend.

Second Place went to Jordan Peele’s horror comedy, Get Out.  This film has some real legs, and faded just a modest 15% while simultaneously adding theaters.  The film has already cruised past its miniscule 4.5 million dollar budget with a hefty two-week total of 78 million dollars in domestic earnings.  Director Peele has mused about another trio of films aimed at social commentary, and I would say that Universal Studios would be wise to fund those projects!

Box Office Wrap Up: Logan Slashes Competition.
Don’t worry, I got this.

The Shack managed a decent debut at third place, with a domestic take of 16 million dollars.  The film has modest to poor critical reception, and the genre of “faith based book adaptations” has not been extremely lucrative as of late.  The studio may have the red hot Octavia Spencer, hot of her Oscar nominated performance in Hidden Figures, to thank for the films success.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Logan Slashes Competition.
Great, now the cast has to relive the whole weekend till they figure out why the movie bombed!

The LEGO Batman movie had a steep fall, going from 2nd place to 4 and losing about 40% of it’s earning power.  The film is still an unqualified success, but it is likely to cool down much faster than the original did.

The last new release of the week, Before I Fall, had a lackluster debut at the 6th spot with 4.6 million dollars.  This sci-fi drama aimed at teens shows just how spotty that demographic has become.  Five years ago, you could print money with this premise, but now times are much leaner.

The Great Wall has continued to struggle domestically, taking in 3.6 million dollars domestically in its fourth week in US release.  It will likely end up with very similar totals to Warcraft, another film that predicated its success on the lucrative Chinese film market.

Notable Films.

The after-effects of the Oscars can still be seen in our top ten list.  La La Land is still hanging steady at the 10th spot, and Hidden Figures is still going strong at number 7.  In fact, Hidden Figures has started to earn action movie-esque totals, rivaling franchises like Bourne and the X-Men.

Just outside the top ten, we have Moonlight, basking in the glow of the golden statue.  Despite landing at the 13 spot, they earned 227% MORE money this week than last, and added nearly a thousand new screens to their rotation.  Despite being one of the lowest budgeted Oscar winner and hardly a cash machine, it continues to earn decently after winning the big show.

Top Ten Films.

(In Millions)

1.  Logan  (88.4)

2.  Get Out  (28.2)

3.  The Shack  (16.7)

4.  The LEGO Batman Movie  (11.7)

5.  John Wick: Chapter Two (4.8)

6.  Before I Fall  (4.6)

7.  Hidden Figures  (3.8)

8.  The Great Wall (3.6)

9.  Fifty Shades Darker  (3.5)

10.  La La Land (2.9)

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