Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Scares Off Competition

Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Scares Off Competition.
Scream loudly and carry a big axe.

Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Scares Off Competition.

Tyler Perry’s Madea Halloween bests Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher with his best opening weekend in seven years.

A trio of new releases helped propel the box office to its strongest earnings of the month, managing a cumulative take not seen since 2010 for this time of year.  As we noted, last week was packed with new releases, building up on a busy October that has seen ten wide releases, mixed in with some strong limited release features such as Shin Godzilla, Hell or High Water, and Moonlight.  While figures haven’t been stellar, the sheer volume is keeping viewers busy.  With only one new release this week in the lead up to Halloween, there’s plenty of time to catch up on anything you missed.

Top Three

Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Scares Off Competition.
Scream loudly and carry a big axe.

Boo!  A Madea Halloween soared past it’s budget with a 28 million dollar take, good enough for first place.  This is the 3rd highest opening for Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise of 7 films, and significantly it was the highest opening since 2009’s Madea Goes to Jail.  Just ask Ernest, the “Goes to Jail” movie is usually the high point of the series!  While Boo! was not fresh with the critics, it did score an “A” with audiences.  It’s well placed for next week’s Halloween weekend.

Second place fell to Jack Reacher:  Never Go Back, the second outing for Tom Cruise‘s action hero.  22 million was a tad lower than hoped by Paramount, but the film has been doing healthy business overseas.  It remains to be seen if this go around will induce the studio to green-light a third film in the franchise.

Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Scares Off Competition.
Damn, thought we’d have more people…

Third place went to Ouija:  Origin of Evil, a horror film that has embraced the trend of following up moderately successful movies with a prequel.  While not a break-away success like Don’t Breathe or Lights Out, it did handily out-earn its budget.  Looks like we’ll be seeing a third Ouija movie in two years.

Couldn’t Keep Up

Box Office Wrap Up: Madea Scares Off Competition.
That could have gone better.

The fourth new wide release, Keeping Up with the Joneses, had a luke-warm opening, taking 7th place with 5 million dollars.  This is the second lackluster premier for comedian Zach Galifianakis this month, with Masterminds still trying to make back it’s 25 million dollar budget after a tepid outing.

Last week’s winner, The Accountant, had to settle for 4th place, falling behind the three new films.  It has done well domestically, but has yet to really find its legs overseas.  It should finish up in the 60-75 million dollar range, which will tide over Warner Brothers until most of the cast reunites for Justice League and the new Batman film.

Top Ten

(In Millions)

1.  Boo!  A Madea Halloween  (28.5)

2.  Jack Reacher:  Never Go Back  (22.8)

3.  Ouija:  Origin of Evil  (14.0)

4.  The Accountant  (13.6)

5.  The Girl on the Train  (7.1)

6.  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children  (5.8)

7.  Keep up with the Joneses  (5.4)

8.  Kevin Hart:  What Now?  (4.1)

9.  Storks  (4.0)

10.  Deepwater Horizon  (3.3)

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