Box Office Wrap Up: Marksman Hits Bullseye.

Box Office Wrap Up: Marksman Hits Bullseye.

The wide release of The Marksman helped drive up sales over the MLK holiday weekend.

As as been the trend for the last few months, the box office got a shot in the arm from having a new wide release after several weeks without any fresh blood. Wonder Woman got demoted to second place as Liam Neeson opened in the top spot with The Marksman. As it is the only wide release scheduled before the end of January, it’s going to have to keep finding its mark to keep the box office afloat.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office bounced back with a 25% gain compared to last weekend. It finished at over 11 million dollars in sales, making for the second biggest weekend of the year and stopping a three week slide in total earnings.

The box saw three films finish over one million dollars in sales. Unfortunately, the top place finisher pulled in just 3 million, which means next weekend could see a rather sharp correction downward.

The numbers for the MLK weekend seem to not have been tabulated correctly, as Box Office Mojo currently has the 4 day weekend making LESS money than the 3 day normal frame!

Top Film One Year Ago: Bad Boys for Life.

Box Office Wrap Up: Bad Boys Bank.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: No Strings Attached.

About sums it up.

Top Film 39 Years Ago: Absence of Malice.

What, no top billing for Wilford Brimley!?

Top Three Films.

Liam Neeson makes his third Covid-19 era release with another #1 film. While it didn’t quite match the 4 million dollar opening of Honest Thief, it did quite a bit better than the 33 thousand dollar opening for Made in Italy. It took in just over 3 million dollars domestically against a 15 million dollar budget.

Box Office Wrap Up: Marksman Hits Bullseye.
That’ll do.

Wonder Woman 1984 slipped into second place with 2.6 million dollars. It has taken in 35 million dollars in the US and 142 million dollars world-wide.

The Croods 2 held strong at 2 million dollars, adding to its domestic haul of just under 40 million dollars. This totals up to a nice take of 135 million dollars in total sales.

Other Films.

The only other new film in the top ten was a re-release of The Emperor’s New Groove…which shows that Disney is getting kind of low on re-release material. Two limited release films fell outside the top ten, with MLK/FBI taking 15th place with 21 thousand dollars and Bloody Hell one place lower with 13 million.

More on this film soon!

Top Ten Films

*In Millions.

  1. The Marksman (3.1)
  2. Wonder Woman 1984 (2.6)
  3. The Croods – A New Age (2.0)
  4. News of the World (.99)
  5. Monster Hunter (.93)
  6. Fatale (.53)
  7. Promising Young Woman (.45)
  8. The Emperor’s New Groove [re-release] (.16)
  9. The War with Grandpa (.15)
  10. Pinocchio (.15)

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