Box Office Wrap Up: Midway Wins Veterans Day.

Box Office Wrap Up: Midway Wins Veterans Day.

Midway claims victory while box office continues to sink.

For a second weekend in a row, Hollywood launched four wide release films. For second weekend in a row, the box office put up historically poor numbers. To further confound the trend, just like last week, those films all had massive budgets compared to their expected takes. Something doesn’t add up.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office staggered forward a step, gaining 2% compared to last week. It then fell down a whole, losing 28% compared to last year. The overall take just barely surpassed 2009’s take of 119 million dollars to be the worst total revenue in a decade for this weekend. This comes off of last weekend having tanked 20% compared to 2018.

Hollywood seems to be struggling to come up with an answer. We’ve had eight wide release films in two weekends, none of which have made more than 30 million dollars. None of have made better than half their budget in the first weekend.

Top Film One Year Ago: The Grinch

Top Film Ten Years Ago: A Christmas Carol

Top Three Films.

Midway led the box office with just shy of 18 million dollars. It was good enough for first, but a tough opening for a film with an 100 million dollar budget. It’s the third straight big blockbuster from Roland Emmerich to struggle out of the gate, joining Independence Day Resurgence and White House Down.

Box Office Wrap Up: Midway Wins Veterans Day.
Abandon ship.

Doctor Sleep underperformed estimates and dozed off in second place with 14 million dollars. With a 45 million dollar budget, the film finds itself in a precarious position. Luckily, unlike Midway, it had a strong foreign opening, taking in 20 million dollars overseas.

In a bit of good news, the top three was filled by newcomers. The John Cena comedy, Playing with Fire, took in 12 million dollars in third. That’s actually better than early studio estimates. It’s a start, with the film having to support a 30 million dollar budget.

John Cena at least cleans up nice.

The Rest.

The fourth wide release also landed in fourth. Emelia Clarke’s rom-com Last Christmas grabbed 11 million dollars against a 25 million dollar budget.

Jojo Rabbit just missed the top ten in its national expansion. It took in a strong 4 million dollars in just 800 theaters.

Box Office Wrap Up: Midway Wins Veterans Day.
It…uh…it makes sense in context…

The last new film, China’s Better Days had a very limited release of just 90 theaters. It took in just shy of one million dollars, delivering a very hefty 14k per theater average.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Midway (17.8)
  2. Doctor Sleep (14.1)
  3. Playing with Fire (12.7)
  4. Last Christmas (11.4)
  5. Terminator: Dark Fate (10.8)
  6. Joker (9.2)
  7. Maleficent Mistress of Evil (8.4)
  8. Harriet (7.4)
  9. Zombieland Double Tap (4.3)
  10. The Addams Family (4.1)

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