Box Office Wrap Up: Mission Complete

Mission-Impossible-Rogue-Nation-Box Office

Tom Cruise pulls off another hit with Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation Box office

The fifth installment in the storied Mission Impossible franchise earned its second highest opening at $56 million. Only behind Mission Impossible 2 which had earned $57.8 million.

Although the real story is that it appears that Cruise has managed to bounce back from a couple of flops in Jack Reacher and Edge of Tomorrow to silence critics and fans that felt he was no longer a Box Office draw.

Cruise stepping away from his bizarre antics of the last few years and goofing around the late night talk circuit, appears to have helped repair his public image. Rogue Nation is a positive step forward in Cruise’s mission to rebuild his brand.

Vacation Movie Box Office

Speaking of brands, Warner Bros. Vacation franchise failed badly earning a paltry $14.9 million, roughly 35% less than what was projected. Movie-goers continue to shun R-Rated comedies this year as Entourage, Magic Mike XXL and Ted 2 all severely underperformed as well. The fact that these films are all sequels of some sort and didn’t offer anything fresh to the mix, while there is Ant Men and Dinosaurs running around, may be cause for the decline.

Holdovers Ant-Man, Minions, and Pixels, rounded out the top five this weekend.

Coming out of its 7th weekend, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out continues to add-on to its impressive totals surpassing the $600 million mark worldwide this weekend, and it’s $4.5 million domestic totals

makes inside out the No. 7 animated release of all-time in North America — giving Disney or Pixar films seven of the top 10 spots on that chart.


1. Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, $56 million

2. Vacation, $14.9 million

3. Ant-Man, $12.6 million

4. Minions, $12.2 million

5. Pixels, $10.4 million

6. Trainwreck, $9.7 million

7. Southpaw, $7.5 million

8. Paper Towns, $4.6 million

9.  Inside Out,” $4.5 million

10. Jurassic World, $3.8 million



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