Box Office Wrap Up: Momentum Builds.

IFC continues to expand theatrical releases, capturing four of the top five spots.

Building upon last week’s solid numbers, we’re seeing sustained numbers. Notably, all of that growth is coming from IFC films, which has been using drive-ins and Theatrical at Home to routinely dominate the box office during the pandemic.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office remained largely stable this week. The Wretched held on to the top spot while actually adding more screens. While it is the only film currently reporting double-digits when it comes to screenings, it seems to be showing off a trend for IFC. For the last five weeks, the top movie has been an IFC film.

Smart move on the double features when you’re the only game in town.

The box office itself slipped a fraction, dropping 7% despite The Wretched gaining 5% in sales week-over-week. We still have yet to clear the hundred thousand dollar mark since the onset of the pandemic closed theaters, but we’ve gotten close two weeks in a row.

Top Film One Year Ago: Avengers Endgame.

OK. You can all stop assembling now. Seriously, there’s a pandemic on.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Iron Man 2.

See. He gets it.

Top Film 400 Years Ago: Friday the 13th.

Seems like a lovely summer camp. I’m sure something awful won’t happen a dozen times here…

Top Three Films.

The Wretched came out on top for a second weekend. This horror film has managed to pull down 165 thousand dollars in two weeks, making it to the earnings champ of the pandemic era.

How to Build a Girl debuted in the second spot with 13 thousand dollars. While it didn’t displace The Wretched, it did open with better numbers than True History of the Kelley Gang…another IFC film.

get em next time.

Disappearance at Clifton Hill rounds out the top three. This drama took in just under two thousand dollars in its eleventh weekend. That sounds impressive, but unfortunately most of those weeks did not see any numbers reported as the film launched just as theaters were getting mothballed.

Top Ten Films.

  1. The Wretched (69.6k)
  2. How to Build a Girl (13.2k)
  3. Disappearance at Clifton Hill (1.7K)
  4. True History of the Kelley Gang (1.4k)
  5. First Lady (.35k)
  6. The Burnt Orange Heresy (.04k)

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