Box Office Wrap Up: Monster Kings Reign.

Box Office Wrap Up: Monster Kings Reign.

Godzilla Vs. Kong took the throne over the Easter weekend, smashing pandemic records along the way.

This Easter holiday, it was the box office that rose from the grave. Thanks to Warner Brothers’ monster mash, the box office set several pandemic era high water marks and unseating Tenet as the Covid-19 record holder. Other new films also had strong opening weekends, leading to hopes that we may be on the road to recovery from the pandemic storm that rocked theaters nationally.

This Week in Box Office History.

The extra holiday weekend and the Wednesday release of GvK makes apples to apples comparisons difficult. So while Godzilla Vs. Kong set a Covid-19 record for three day and five day earnings (32.2, 48.5 million) those numbers aren’t apparent by just looking at the traditional weekend figures.

You have to take a wider view to see how they lit the box office up.

Looking at the traditional numbers, the box office was up a healthy but not jaw-dropping 30%. Zooming out to the weekly numbers, that’s where you see the giant-sized earnings jump: the weekly numbers are up 85% compared to last week.

Top Film One Year Ago: Phoenix Oregon.

Box Office Wrap Up: Theaters Shuttered.
The little film that could.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Hop.

Makes sense.

Top Three Films.

Godzilla Vs. Kong was the big winner this week. While the weekend numbers show just 11 million dollars, the early release and long holiday weekend numbers reveal a monstrous take of 48 million dollars in it’s first week in the US. It has also smashed cities around the glove for a worldwide total of 285 million dollars.

Hearkening back to the summer of the pandemic, we have a horror movie making bank in the top three. The Unholy nabbed second place with a solid three million dollar opening, playing in nearly two thousand locations.

Seems like a hot take for Easter, but you do you.

Nobody got demoted to third place after its strong premier last weekend. It took in another three million dollars, for a running total of 11 million dollars.

Other Films.

One of the smaller new releases, The Girl Who Believes in Miracles, found its way onto the top ten list. This faith-based film opened in more than 600 theaters and put a healthy half million dollars in the collection basket. That showing was strong enough for sixth place on the tally.

That seems a bit more appropriate for Easter.

Top Ten Films

*In Millions

  1. Godzilla Vs. Kong (11.60)
  2. The Unholy (3.15)
  3. Nobody (2.99)
  4. Raya and the Last Dragon (2.03)
  5. Tom and Jerry (1.40)
  6. The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (.54)
  7. The Courier (.44)
  8. Chaos Walking (.36)
  9. The Croods A New Age (.22)
  10. French Exit (.17)

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