Box Office Wrap Up: New #1 Caps Big Gains.

Despite a stumble last week, three new films help push the box office resurgence.

With movie releases in such flux, I’m not surprised to see that three new films got last-minute limited releases. Thanks to the infusion of new blood, the box office easily clawed back last week’s losses, more than doubling the total domestic earnings.

This Week in Box Office History.

We had a couple of milestones this week – at least for the pandemic era box office. We came very close to hitting half a million dollars domestically. Horror movies continue to dominate the field as newcomer Becky unseated The Wretched by a thin margin.

While a new film edging out a film that’s been around for two months wouldn’t be news in the before times, it is a big deal since The Wretched has shown no signs of slowing down at theaters. The Wretched has been steadily adding theaters (just shy of 100 screens) and cementing its top spot. It’s the first film to crack a million dollars at the box office since Covid-19 shut down theaters. To overcome that entrenched position is a good sign of improving confidence.

Top Film One Year Ago: The Secret Life of Pets 2.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Shrek Forever After.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

-I love that movie!
-I know.

Top Three Films.

Becky, a home invasion horror/thriller, took the top spot with 205.8 thousand dollars. That’s makes it only the second film post-pandemic to put up over 200K in sales in one weekend. While it only narrowly edged out The Wretched, it was showing in nearly half as many theaters as the former number one.

Murder with all the colors of the rainbow!

The Wretched just missed a seven week streak in first place. I took in 205.1 thousand dollars. That’s incredibly close. Luckily, that haul firmly carried The Wretched over the one million dollar mark for total earnings. It has barely seen any decrease in revenue over these past two months, so it may wind up being our first two million dollar earner as well.

Outside our dueling horror features, the money race falls off precipitously. The animated soccer film Strike took third…with 800 dollars showing on just one screen. During Covid-19, if you’re not a indie horror movie, maybe just stay home?

Other Films.

Two other films had very limited releases. Sex and the Future premiered on two screens and took in 750 dollars. Political intrigue film The Fox Hunter debuted on just one screen to the tune of 600 dollars.

Gonna need a bigger gun.

Top Ten Films

  1. Becky (205.7K)
  2. The Wretched (205.1K)
  3. Strike (.79K)
  4. Sex and the Future (.74K)
  5. The Fox Hunter (.60)
  6. Circles (.36K)
  7. The Trip to Greece (.24K)
  8. How to Build a Girl (.19K)

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