Box Office Wrap Up: New #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: New #1.

Another week of lock-down, another week with a single movie reporting numbers.

Well, one good thing about this whole shutdown, at least we get something new to talk about each week. For a third straight week we have a new film in the top spot. For the second straight week, that’s because only one film actually reported their ticket sales. Could be worse; this could be 1982 and we’d have to talk about E.T. every damn week for a year.

This Week in Box Office History.

Yeah. Thanks.

The Easter holiday weekend hasn’t typically had much of an impact on the box office. Given the variability on when the holiday lands, its hard to glean any hard and fast rules (thanks for the calendrical gymnastics, Catholic church, I’m so glad that figuring out your most important holiday’s date requires a slide rule and a sextant!)

Looking at the last four years in which Easter landed on this weekend (2017, 2009, 2006 and 2004), we see only a modest 10-20 million dollar bump. This year, for obvious reasons, the bump was non-existent.

Top Film One Year Ago: Shazam!

You got this, red.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Clash of the Titans.

Um, Medusa? Perhaps instead of non-functional boob armor, you could maybe do something about protecting your neck? Just saying.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Nothing?

Yeah. Box Office Mojo’s records jump from 1978 straight to 1981, so I guess those two years just disappeared.

Top Three One Film.

After premiering at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in 2019, this horror about a creepy cult of young girls following a would-be messiah obsessed with menstruation made a very limited theatrical release this weekend. The Other Lamb took in 1.4 thousand dollars, screening at just a single theater.

Box Office Wrap Up: New #1.
That looks like about 1400 dollars worth of audience right there.

Top Ten Films.

  1. The Other Lamb (1.4k)

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