Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.

Life of the Party and Breaking In couldn’t compete with Avengers – Infinity War as it passes 1 billion mark.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.
Yeah…I don’t buy it either Lando.

For a third week the new arrivals were frozen out by Marvel’s big team-up, Infinity War, despite catering to the Mother’s Day weekend audience.  As Infinity War continues its climb to the top of the record books, smaller films have been pushed aside in its wake, though this week the box office as a whole did not suffer.  The first real test for Marvel will come soon enough, as Deadpool 2 rides into town this weekend on a wave of positive previews and even Solo: A Star Wars Story has been getting good press.  May is shaping up to be another big month as studios have opted to open in the early summer months.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office totals dropped slightly from last week, taking in 135 million dollars in tickets.  This is about 20% below last week’s offering, but is essentially flat from last year’s take.  Last year, Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2 was entering its second week and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was stinking up the box office.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.

Seeing as Hollywood tracks summer as the first weekend in May, we’re “officially” into the summer season.  It’s convenient that the industry’s biggest season just happens to be twice as long as the other seasons.  As such, the studios must be pretty pleased; April was a record topper and May looks to be as well.  The current high-water mark for May is 2012, when the first Avengers movie pushed the bar to 534 million in ticket sales for the month.  We’re sitting at 431, with two major franchise films still to be released.

Top Movie Last Year:  Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Top Movie Last Decade:  Iron Man.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.
…or as I call them, Marvel’s ode to failing upwards.

Top Movies.

First place was still in the hands of The Avengers: Infinity War for the third straight week.  The film added 61 million dollars to its total, bringing the domestic cume to 547 million dollars.  The 46% drop from last week is still on the high side of other Marvel films, but the out-sized starting figure has positioned Infinity War as the 5th largest film of all time and the 3rd largest Marvel film for total earnings.  It sits just below the first Avengers (623) and Black Panther (696).

Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.
Sorry gals.

The silver medal went to Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party.  The debut for this comedy was lower than expectations and the smallest take for a McCarthy-led solo film.  It wound up with 18 million and change against a 30 million dollar budget.

The third spot was also reserved for another of last week’s new arrival.  Breaking In took in 16.5 million against a 6 million dollar budget, for a solid first week.  Studio estimates had the film pegged higher, but tripling the budget in your first weekend should probably keep everyone happy.

Other Films.

The only new addition to the top ten was RBG.  The documentary about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is every bit as tenacious as its subject; the doc added 140 theaters from its limited release and saw a 100% jump in sales.  This was enough to drive it from 15th place last week to 10th this week.  Next week it expands again, to 300+ theaters, so we may be seeing more of the notorious RBG.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Films Have Trouble Breaking In.
Like a boss.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Avengers: Infinity War  (61.8)

2.  Life of the Party  (18.5)

3.  Breaking In  (16.5)

4.  Overboard  (10.1)

5.  A Quiet Place  (6.4)

6.  I Feel Pretty  (3.7)

7.  Rampage  (3.3)

8.  Tully  (2.2)

9.  Black Panther  (1.9)

10.  RBG  (1.1)

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