Box Office Wrap Up: New Mutants Snag #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Mutants Snag #1.

The box office doubled as wide release films get back in gear.

New Mutants, Fox’s troubled final entry into the X-Men series, gambled on a theater only release and appears to have won. While its opening take won’t rival fellow mutants like Wolverine or Deadpool, it did set a new high-water mark for the pandemic era.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office jumped up 85% on the power of three new wide release films. While it didn’t hold a candle to last year’s totals (which also benefited from falling on the Labor Day holiday) it is the best showing, year to year, since theaters shut down in March. With 12 million dollars in total earnings, it was only down 80% from last year. Talk about progress!

Top Film One Year Ago: Angel Has Fallen.

Jeez, last summer really was the pits if this movie was number one for months.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Takers.

I remember this movie…said nobody.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Battle Creek Brawl.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Mutants Snag #1.
I was shocked to see a Jackie Chan film I didn’t recognize…until I found out it was re-titled The Big Brawl.

Top Three Films.

New Mutants took the top spot, earning a touch over 7 million dollars in its first weekend. Multiple delays and backstage tinkering pushed the budget of this swan song for Fox’s X-Men up to 80 million dollars. Critical reception is mixed on the film, which could make hitting that figure a long shot.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Mutants Snag #1.
Gonna need more than attitude to make up that shortfall.

Unhinged featured another weekend of Russell Crowe on a rampage. The film took second place with 2.6 million dollars in earnings. This boosts the films three week take to just shy of 9 million dollars.

Bill & Ted faced the music in third place, taking in just north of 1 million dollars. While lower than I anticipated, it will be interesting to see if this total included all of the digital packages; the film not only had a digital on demand rental option but also an option to purchase the film outright for just 5 dollars more.

Other Films.

Our third wide release entry for the weekend, The Personal History of David Copperfield, had a rougher landing. It wound up in fourth place, but only made half a million dollars showing in 1300 theaters. That resulted in a very mediocre average of just 350 dollars per location.

Box Office Wrap Up: New Mutants Snag #1.
You may want to rethink the whole “impossible to resist” bit…

Top Ten Films.

*In Millions

  1. The New Mutants (7.0)
  2. Unhinged (2.6)
  3. Bill & Ted Face the Music (1.1)
  4. The Personal History of David Copperfield (.48)
  5. Words on Bathroom Walls (.44)
  6. Sponge on the Run (.42)
  7. Cut Throat City (.16)
  8. Peninsula (.09)
  9. The Tax Collector (.07)
  10. Tulsa (.05)

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