Box Office Wrap Up: New Release Duds

Box Office Wrap Up October 23 – 26


Jem-and-the-Holograms box office

Five new films in th box office this weekend, and all were flops of varying degrees. The biggest bomb would have to go to Jem and the Holograms, which opened to $1.3 million to become one of the worst debuts of all time for a major studio movie opening in over 2,000 locations. The live action film, based on the 1980s animated series, opened on 2,413 screens, averaging $545 per screen, to take 15th place. Jem had a couple of things working against it – their target audience doesn’t know or care about The 80’s cartoon, and the fans of the original were outraged brock the kabash box officey Blumhouse taking liberties with the franchise. Luckily for Blumhouse Jem cost only $5 million to produce.

Bill Murray’s Rock the Kasbah fared slightly better than Jem, pulling in only $1.5 million from 2,012 theaters, but it also cost about three times as much as to produce. It’s one of Murray’s worst debuts ever. Critics skewered the Barry Levinson-directed comedy receiving an unbelievably awful 8% on the Tomatometer.

Out of the new film’s to crack the top ten, The Last Witch Hunter lead the pack at #4 earning $10.8 million. The Science fiction action flick starring Vin Diesel (who can’t seem to find a hit outside of the Furious franchise) was pummeled by critics as well with reviews ranging from – “Tries with all its might to be no fun whatsoever.” to “An adequate straight-to-video time waster that seems to have accidentally been given a blockbuster budget and A-list stars.”

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension box officeContinuing the trend of poorly reviewed movies is Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension earning a franchise low of $8.2 million from 1,656 screens. It should be noted that The Ghost Dimension opened with over 1,000 fewer screens than other films in the series. This is due to Paramount experimenting with a new release model in where the film will be available digitally 17 days after it leaves theaters. Apparently this didn’t sit well with some theatres and many decided not to show the film at all.

Unlike the previously mentioned films, Steve Jobs was adored by the critics and thought by many to be in the running come award season. However much like it’s predecessor the 2013 “Jobs” Steve Jobs couldn’t get the asses in the seats earning a mere $7.3 millionĀ  for seventh place.



1. The Martian, $15.9 million

2. Goosebumps, $15.5 million

3. Bridge of Spies, $11.4 million

4. The Last Witch Hunter, $10.8 million

5. Hotel Transylvania 2, $9 million

6. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, $8.2 million

7. Steve Jobs, $7.3 million

8. Crimson Peak, $5.6 million

9. The Intern, $3.9 million

10. Woodlawn, $3.1 million

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