Box Office Wrap Up: Nobody Wins.

Box Office Wrap Up: Nobody Wins.

Seriously. Nobody won. I mean Nobody was in first place. You get it, right?

In a surprise to Nobody (this won’t get old, I promise) the only wide release film of the weekend, Nobody, was the winner at the box office. Not since the movie Glass broke box office records have the puns flowed so generously and ludicrously.

In another sense, nobody really did win the box office. Despite having a new wide release, numbers were relatively flat. The current totals are better than one year ago…but literally anything would be better than one year ago’s numbers. So not seeing unambiguous signs of a revived box office is still cause for concern.

This Week in Box Office History.

The news is a bit better than the top trend lines would suggest. While the box only grew by a marginal 2% overall compared to last week, we did see another week of 480000% increase year over year. Of course, the caveat being that only three movies were in theaters, and they were showing at only 28 locations nationwide.

For further good news, this time without a caveat attached, all top five movies finished north of the one million dollar mark. That hasn’t happened in more than a month, and has only happened a handful of times since the pandemic began. There’s definitely some glimmers of light at the end of this tunnel.

Top Film One Year Ago: Strike.

Any win is a win.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Hop.

Makes sense.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Eyes of a Stranger.

So Easter in the 80’s was weird…

Top Three Films.

Nobody premiered in first place. The movie I mean. Moving right along. It took in 6.7 million dollars, which is actually a super solid start seeing as the budget for the film is only a modest 16 million dollars. It also seems to have pulled down solid critical ratings.

Box Office Wrap Up: Nobody Wins.
Number one with a bullet.

Raya and the Last Dragon shuffled down to second place, adding another 3.5 million dollars to its US take of 28 million.

Tom and Jerry got chased all the way down to third. It continues to pace ahead of Raya in overall earnings, adding 2.5 million to its 37 million dollar domestic total.

Other Films.

There weren’t any other limited release films to crack the top ten. Six Minutes to Midnight came closest in 22nd place.

Minari continues to climb the ladder, while other Oscar nominees have failed to really see much of bump post nomination. That makes sense as all of them are pretty much available online. The Father hit streaming this week, and Minari should hit Redbox in the near future.

Top Ten Films

*In Millions

  1. Nobody (6.70)
  2. Raya and the Last Dragon (3.50)
  3. Tom and Jerry (2.50)
  4. Chaos Walking (1.18)
  5. The Courier (1.04)
  6. The Croods – A New Age (.54)
  7. The Marksman (.37)
  8. Boogie (.34)
  9. Minari (.27)
  10. Wonder Woman 1984 (.24)

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