Box Office Wrap Up: Nothing New.

Box Office Wrap Up: Nothing New.

No new movies meant no real change.  Oh, and I got sick so we’re doing weekend news on a Thursday I guess.

Box Office Wrap Up: Nothing New.
Go ahead, make yourself look big.

In a self-fulfilling prophecy, Hollywood noticed that the first week in December is awful for movie sales and didn’t release a new movie…which of course meant that the weekend was indeed awful for movie sales.  We’re scheduled to be over packed for the rest of the month, so I don’t understand the logic there.  There’s really no way in hell Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines is going to do big business against Spider-Man and Deadpool, so why the heck not release early and proclaim yourself king of the tiniest hill?  It’s better than getting buried under Marvel’s wheels.  You could even do one of those disingenuous ads citing the films as “the #1 film in America!”  That’s got to be worth something.

Apologies for those expecting this dose of movie numbers on Monday.  I’ve been bedridden all week.  At least I could catch up on all of my streaming backlog!

This Week in Box Office History.

The first week of December really is as bad as Hollywood thinks.  You have to go back to 2001 to find a year where this first week (and often the first two weeks) of December weren’t in the top ten worst weekends of the year.  Most often they were in the top five. Only one year on record, 2005, has a first full week in December that cracked 100 million.  This year’s totals were the worst of the year, netting just 84 million from all sources.  That was down about 30% from last year…but up 2% from last year.  Imagine if they’d released something worth seeing?

Box Office Wrap Up: Nothing New.
The movie that put 2005 over the top? Narnia.

Top Film Last Year:  Coco.

Top Film Last Year:  Four Christmases.

Top Three Films.

The top three didn’t budge at all, with Wreck-It Ralph 2 in first, The Grinch in second, and Creed II in third.  Ralph 2 added 16 million, while the Grinch stole 15 million and Creed punched up 10 million.  Looking down the list, the only major change was Green Book, which expanded off of solid critical buzz and several Golden Globe nominations*.  It jumped from tenth place to seventh.  Wow, electric.

*Rant Incoming*

Box Office Wrap Up: Nothing New.
Yeah, they’re sitting outside because the white guy could get a seat but not the black guy. I guess not much has changed, eh Golden Globes?

If you want more proof that Hollywood hasn’t changed since getting it’s ass handed to it for racial bias in awards programs, I present Green Book.  The story of a black virtuoso forced to travel with an uneducated white driver to avoid being lynched in the south.  Mahershala Ali is unarguably the central figure with Viggo Mortensen in a supporting role.  Yet Viggo is up for best actor and Mahershala up for supporting.  Fuck that noise.

Apparently Ali chose to compete for supporting…but again, because it’s easier to win best supporting than best actor, which hasn’t gone black since 2006-7 for Forest Whitaker.  That’s on top of the film competing in the Comedy/Musical category!  The Golden Globes is all sorts of fucked when it comes to gaming the system to get certain films a win, and it’s giving itself a black eye by not properly crediting Mahershala Ali in Green Book.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Ralph Breaks the Internet  (16.2)

2.  Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch  (15.0)

3.  Creed II  (9.9)

4.  Fantastic Beasts 2  (6.9)

5.  Bohemian Rhapsody  (6.1)

6.  Instant Family  (5.7)

7.  Green Book  (3.9)

8.  Robin Hood  (3.5)

9.  The Possession of Hannah Grace  (3.1)

10.  Widows  (3.1)


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