Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.

Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.

Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.

While the only new release did better than expected, November 2018 falls shy of beating all-time record.

The Possession of Hannah Grace, while not a world-beater, did manage to exceed studio predictions.  Unfortunately, it was not quite enough to push November over the top.  In what was largely a repeat of last week’s top ten, the box office cooled off just enough to miss the mark.  Animated features like Wreck It Ralph 2 and The Grinch ruled the day and padded their bankrolls, leading 2018 to a razor-thin third place finish.  On the bright side, the year as a whole is looking to finish in the top three all time, despite not having a Star Wars film to finish off the year.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office improved on last year’s final November weekend by 9% while dropping 47% from last week.  The lack of a big new film cost 2018 first place on the all-time list.  The final tally was 1.04 billion in 2018 versus 1.09 billion in 2012 and 1.07 in 2013.  While Hannah Grace did well enough to land in the top ten, the 6 million dollar debut was nowhere near enough to close the gap.

Top Film Last Year:  Coco.

Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.

Top Film Last Decade:  Four Christmases.

Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.
Two people who used to have careers.

Top Three Films.

The top three changed very little, except for a little jockeying for second.  Ralph Breaks the Internet claimed first place for a second week, adding nearly 26 million to its domestic total of 120 million dollars.  Illumination’s The Grinch jumped over Creed II for second place, breaking the 200 million dollar domestic mark in the process.  Creed II settled for third place, padding its total to 81 million.  All three films dropped greater than 40% from last week, with The Grinch faring best with a 42% decline and Ralph taking it hardest with 54%.

Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.
Take a break, Disney.

The Rest.


Box Office Wrap Up: November Just Short of Record.
At least somebody’s happy.

The Possession of Hannah Grace landed in 7th place for its premier, taking in 6.5 million dollars.  That’s pretty much the industry average for the genre (outside of The Conjuring films) which makes it surprising that the studio low-balled it going into the weekend.  It earned well abroad, a solid positive for a niche horror film, taking in an additional 4 million.  Overall it surpassed it’s 9.5 million dollar budget in just one week, making it a victory for Sony/Screen Gems.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Ralph Breaks the Internet  (25.7)

2.  Dr Seuss’ The Grinch  (17.7)

3.  Creed II  (16.8)

4.  Fantastic Beasts:  The Crimes of Grindelwald  (11.2)

5.  Bohemian Rhapsody  (8.1)

6.  Instant Family  (7.1)

7.  The Possession of Hannah Grace  (6.5)

8.  Robin Hood  (4.7)

9.  Widows  (4.4)

10.  Green Book  (3.9)

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