Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean’s 8 Swipes 1st Place.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean's 8 Swipes 1st Place.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean’s 8 Swipes 1st Place.

Ocean’s 8 and Hereditary had excellent weekends, but June continues to struggle in ticket sales.

After the monumental disappointment that was last weekend’s box office, Ocean’s 8 success helped to turn things around.  Delivering the biggest premier in the Ocean’s franchise history, Ocean’s 8 dominated the top spot.  A healthier box office helped newcomers Hereditary and Ocean’s 8 but could not nurse Hotel Artemis back to health.  Overall, the box office rebounded slightly but is still pacing well behind historical June tallies.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean's 8 Swipes 1st Place.
Nice job ladies.

This Week in Box Office History.

The bad news is that the second weekend in June was much like the first, more than a ten year low compared to the same weekend historically.  The good news is that it was only slightly off from similar weekends, whereas last weekend was catastrophically off.  The box office improved 12% over last week’s shellacking, and was down 16% from last year’s totals.  The overall take of 120 million dollars just barely edges 2002’s take of 110 million, when Shrek Forever After was the top film.  June is still on shaky ground, but looks to be improving.

Top Film Last Year:  Wonder Woman.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean's 8 Swipes1st Place.

Top Film Last Decade:  Kung Fu Panda.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean's 8 Swipes1st Place.

Top Three Movies.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean's 8 Swipes1st Place.
Nailed it.

First place went to Ocean’s 8, the female led 4th entry into the Ocean’s heist movie franchise.  Those watching to see if a gender swapped version of a beloved franchise would suffer the same fate as Ghostbusters can rest easy:  Ocean’s 8 delivered the largest first weekend in the franchise’s history, making off with 41 million dollars in loot.  Critics and audiences were generally approving, awarding the film a B+ in exit polling and just shy of 70% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Solo: A Star Wars Story retained the silver medal, adding 15 million dollars to its domestic total of 175 million dollars.  The film is nearly extinct on the international market (where Jurassic World 2 is currently the apex predator) but has managed to cross the 300 million dollar threshold from all markets.  While it’s not a tremendous victory, at least Solo has broken even.

The third spot remained with Deadpool 2, which has continued to earn well after a precarious second weekend.  The snarky action comedy has topped 650 million dollars in total earnings, making it the second biggest comedy sequel of all time.

Other Films.

While it couldn’t crack the top three, Hereditary had a fantastic opening weekend.  The horror film grossed 13.5 million dollars domestically, making it the biggest opening for an A24 produced film, the company behind critically lauded films such as Lady Bird and The Florida Project.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ocean's 8 Swipes1st Place.
It’s on fire!

Hotel Artemis, the third new release this weekend, got sent to triage.  While our review of it was positive, audiences didn’t see it the same way, awarding the film only 3.2 million dollars and 8th place.  This was quite a bit below initial estimates.  There is no budget information beyond frequent mentions of it being “micro-budgeted” so it is hard to say if the film is in trouble financially.  With such a low start, there isn’t likely much room for the dystopian crime story to grow.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Ocean’s 8  (41.6)

2.  Solo: A Star Wars Story  (15.7)

3.  Deadpool 2  (14.1)

4.  Hereditary  (13.5)

5.  Avengers:  Infinity War  (7.2)

6.  Adrift  (5.7)

7.  Book Club  (4.2)

8.  Hotel Artemis  (3.2)

9.  Upgrade  (2.3)

10.  Life of the Party  (2.1)

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