Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!

Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!

Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!

Christopher Robin missed the honey jar in a weekend box office filled with bad news.

Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!
Silly old bear.

The good news is that August 2018 is pacing ahead of last year’s numbers.  The bad news is that August 2017 was a garbage fire at the box office.  Pacing ahead of “abysmal” is not exactly high praise.  Last week’s new releases didn’t help matters much.  Disney’s Christopher Robin under-performed, while also getting hit with the ban hammer in China.  The Spy who dumped me likewise fell below estimates, while the Young Adult woes continued as The Darkest Mind’s cratered.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was up 14% from last year, but down about the same amount compared to last week.  While Mission: Impossible 6 held strong, everyone else was down.  While not a catastrophic start to August, it was the second weakest earnings for the frame since 2013.  Looking at the broader numbers, August appears set to walk the middle of the road:  by both weekly and monthly tallies it’s sitting at 5th place compared to the last decade’s worth of figures.  There really isn’t a big movie on the horizon coming to shake that up.

Top Film Last Year: The Dark Tower.

Movie Review: The Dark Tower (Spoiler Free.)
Unfortunately shooting duds.

Top Film Last Decade: The Dark Knight.

Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!
Awful dark in here…

Top Three Films.

Mission: Impossible Fallout held strong in its second week, netting 35 million dollars and first place.  The sixth outing for the Cruise-led franchise has pulled down 129 in domestic dollars and 200 million overseas.

Second place went to Disney’s Christopher Robin.  The live action flick scored 24 million dollars in its debut.  Projections had it opening higher, but the total is in line with other recent films in the genre like Peter Rabbit (25m) and Pete’s Dragon (21m).  The real bad news is that after social media compared China’s Xi Jinping to Pooh as a protest, he banned the movie.  Talk about getting caught in the middle (kingdom).

Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!The bronze medal went to The Spy Who Dumped Me.  It’s take of 12 million dollars is short of similar female-led action comedies such as Hot Pursuit (13.9m) and The Heat (39m).  It seems the reported budget of 40 million dollars may be a tough lift for this film.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Oh Bother!
Teen lit is officially on life support.

The other wide release out this weekend, The Darkest Minds, continued the fall from grace that YA literature-based movies have suffered lately.  After becoming ubiquitous with The Hunger Games and it’s imitators, the genre has been frantic for a hit.  The 5th Wave, The Host, and Mortal Instruments have all dug dry wells.  The Darkest Minds had the 7th worst wide release opening with just 6 million dollars…don’t hold your breathe for the rest of this series to hit the big screen any time soon.

Top Ten Films.

(in Millions)

1.  Mission: Impossible Fallout (35.3)

2.  Disney’s Christopher Robin  (24.5)

3.  The Spy Who Dumped Me  (12.1)

4.  Mama Mia! Here We Go Again  (9.0)

5.  The Equalizer 2  (8.7)

6.  Hotel Transylvania 3  (8.0)

7.  Ant-Man and the Wasp  (6.3)

8.  The Darkest Minds  (5.8)

9.  Incredibles 2  (4.9)

10.  Teen Titans Go! To the Movies  (4.7)




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