Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place…

Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place…

Quentin Tarantino’s latest debuted in second place but was a personal best for him at the box office.

Disney carried the weekend again, with The Lion King reigning in first place.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood settled for the second spot, but wound up being Tarantino’s biggest opening to date.  While early projections hinted that the weekend could be red hot, theaters had to settle for better than average.  The summer slump seems to have lifted for at least a moment, helping to shrink the gap between 2019’s earnings and 2018’s record pace.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office featured a second weekend of positive numbers compared to last year.  That reverses the month-long trend that only relented with the release of The Lion King.  It’s no surprise that once again Disney’s “live-action” re-imagining led the pack, despite having a larger than anticipated drop.  The overall box office was down 38% from last week, but up about 4% from last year.

Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place
There’s always a price to pay…

The 60% drop week-to-week for The Lion King exceeds the first week drop for Avengers Endgame.  These gigantic first weekends followed by bigger than average drops is becoming a trend.  One easily explained:  Disney has been steadily breaking its own records for number of theaters for its big tent-pole films.  The added seats are juicing the first week numbers with the side effect of making the second week drops look much more dramatic.

Top Film One Year Ago:  Mission Impossible – Fallout.

Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place
I guess the mustache was worth it?

Top Film Ten Years Ago:  G-Force.

Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place
Really? Past versions of us, I am so disappointed.

Top Three Films.

The Lion King continued to roar, even with the out-sized second week drop.  It added 76 million dollars domestically, for a total of 350 million dollars.  It’s worldwide gross sits at just under 1 billion dollars.

Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood entered the race in second place.  It’s domestic haul of 41 million dollars was well above the meek studio estimates of 30-35 million dollars, but shy of more bullish early projections that posited 45-50 million dollars was achievable.  Once Upon a Time passes Inglorious Basterds 38 million dollar opening as the biggest premier for a Quentin Tarantino film.  Now the question is can it challenge Django Unchained’s global take of 425 million dollars to be the undisputed winner?

Third place saw Spider-Man web up another 12 million dollars.  This helped push the film over the billion dollar mark globally.  Domestically, it is Sony’s fourth biggest film ever, trailing Spider-Man 1 and 2 and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Other Films.

A24’s family comedy The Farewell continues to deliver eye-popping numbers.  It expanded to just 135 theaters nationally but managed 1 million in sales, good enough for the final spot on the top ten.  It has already socked away 3.5 million dollars in three weeks, all while in extremely limited release.

Box Office Wrap Up: Once Upon a Time in Second Place
Still delivering.

Top Ten Films.

1.  The Lion King (76.6)

2.  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood  (41.0)

3.  Spider-Man:  Far from Home  (12.4)

4.  Toy Story 4  (10.4)

5.  Crawl  (4.0)

6.  Yesterday  (3.0)

7.  Aladdin  (3.0)

8.  Stuber  (1.7)

9.  Annabelle Comes Home  (1.5)

10.  The Farewell  (1.5)


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