Box Office Wrap Up: Pixels Can’t Work Out the Bugs

Ant-Man Out Scores Pixels on a Slow Weekend

Deal with it.
Deal with it.

Our number one film this week is still Marvel’s Ant-Man, which managed to run the table against three new major releases.  Earning close to 25 million dollars in the frame, Ant-Man retained the top spot for its second weekend, just eking out a win over Happy Madison’s Pixels.  The pint sized super hero flick has managed to clear the 100 million mark domestically.

Adam Sandler’s latest offering, Pixels, came in a disappointing second with 24 million in domestic earnings.  If you want to know what a let down that must be for Happy Madison productions, consider that it is not only weaker than both of the Grown-Ups films, but is even softer a debut than Jack and Jill.  You have to know that the brand is damaged when you under-perform that piece of trash!

Our careers are totally screwed!
Our careers are totally screwed!

Minions swept up third place, while Trainwreck continued to gain steam at the fourth position.  The big news was that neither of the other new films, Southpaw (starring Jake Gyllenhall) and Paper Towns (from the author of A Fault in Our Stars) seemed to have any traction in a week where the box office was pretty weak.  The whole field of top ten movies together managed less income than Jurassic World created on its debut, by itself.

Sometimes hope ain't enough.
Sometimes hope ain’t enough.

While Southpaw performed within the acceptable range of sports dramas, its becoming apparent that the genre is increasingly a liability at the box office.  Even “hits” like Friday Night Lights have barely cleared the 20 million dollar bar recently.  With such stingy pay-days, its going to be hard for this type of movie to keep attracting top level talent, especially when Oscars in the genre have been hard to come by lately.

Paper Towns massively under-performed its older sibling, A Fault in Our Stars, as I hoped it would.  The story here was weak and patronizing, using the laziest teen romance cliches.

He cracked the case.
He cracked the case.

Towards the end of the list, indie sensation Mr. Holmes managed to sustain it’s momentum while blockbuster come-back vehicle, Terminator Genysis continues to underwhelm.  Mr. Holmes doubled its theater reach from 300 to 600 and managed to pick up another 3 million dollars for its effort.  This film is shaping up to be a darling amongst the awards crowd, so expect it to continue to expand to more outlets as its reputation grows.

While Terminator is apparently prime for deletion at the domestic box office, save your tears.  The film has made over 200 million abroad.  Besides, Arnold is a machine, and though he knows now why you cry, he realizes it is something he can never do…

Cry, no. Smile like he has rictus, yes.
Cry, no. Smile like he has rictus, yes.

Top 10 Films  July 24-26

1.  Ant-Man (24.7  Million)
2.  Pixels (24 Million)
3.  Minions (22.1 Million)
4.  Trainwreck (17.3 Million)
5.  Southpaw (16.5 Million)
6.  Paper Towns (12.5 Million)
7.  Inside-Out (7.3 Million)
8.  Jurassic World (6.9 Million)
9.  Mr. Holmes (2.8 Million)
10.  Terminator Genysis (2.4 Million)


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