Box Office Wrap Up: Playmobil Melts.

Box Office Wrap Up: Playmobil Melts.

Playmobil The Movie exceeded expectations with a historic meltdown.

The prospects for success for Playmobil were always slim. STX picked up distribution of the film for a song after its home studio folded. Playing with house money, they didn’t invest heavily into advertisement; why throw good money after bad? I’m sure the commercial fumbles of The LEGO franchise did not encourage much hope that this would mimic the surprise hit that the first LEGO movie became.

This Week in Box Office History.

Unfortunately, the meltdown of the only new wide release dragged the rest of the box. The box office fell more than 50% from last week, and was essentially flat with last year’s post-holiday period.

This post Thanksgiving lull handed Disney another week at number one. With the runway clear, Disney launched itself to the stratosphere, becoming the first studio in history to hit 10 billion dollars in one fiscal year.

Top Film One Year Ago: Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.
What are “movies”? We all call them “Disneys” now, in honor of our box office lord and master.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: The Blind Side.

Top Three Films.

Frozen 2 put the competition on ice for a third straight weekend. It added 35 million dollars to its domestic total of 337 million dollars. It’s total take crossed the 900 million dollar threshold; a finish over one billion dollars is a foregone conclusion at this point.

Knives Out stayed sharp in the second spot, adding 14 million dollars to its US totals. It has tripled its budget of 40 million dollars in just two weekends, notching 124 million dollars in global sales.

As well as selling over one billion sweaters.

Ford V Ferrari rounded out the top three. Against a nearly 100 million dollar budget, it has taken home 91 million dollars at home and nearly 170 million dollars in total.

Other Films.

Focus Feature’s national expansion of Dark Waters carried the film into the top ten, landing in sixth place. The dramatic thriller starring Marc Ruffalo and Anne Hathaway took in 4 million dollars.

Yes, your honor, the defense realizes that “Dark Waters” is the most generic thriller name possible.

Playmobil immolated itself in 14th place. It made less than one million dollars, good enough for the fourth worst wide release tally for a film showing in more than 2000 theaters. Oh, and the worst opening ever for 2300 theaters or more. I’m going to break this misery down a little further.

Playmobil’s French maker sunk 75 million dollars into it, a record setting sum. It then optioned US releases to Global Road, who imploded. STX then picked it up for a pittance, and asked theaters to only charge people 5 bucks to see it, hoping for ANY traction. It clearly did not work.

They must have been crazy!

Top Ten Films.

  1. Frozen 2 (34.6)
  2. Knives Out (14.1)
  3. Ford V Ferrari (6.5)
  4. Queen & Slim (6.5)
  5. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (5.2)
  6. Dark Waters (4.1)
  7. 21 Bridges (2.8)
  8. Playing with Fire (2.0)
  9. Midway (1.9)
  10. Joker (1.0)

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