Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.

Disney bounces back from The Nutcracker as Wreck-It Ralph 2 crushes its way to the top Thanksgiving spot.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.
Nothing to mope about here.

Despite the live-action turkeys, Disney was feasting this weekend as Ralph Breaks the Internet made big money over the holiday.  Creed II was no slouch, as both sequels improved on their originals in terms of raking in the cash.  Unfortunately, every turkey comes with giblets.  Robin Hood continued the streak of medieval action films that have failed spectacularly at the box office.  Despite the miss, Hollywood celebrated a gigantic helping of ticket sales, perhaps enough to make 2018 the biggest of all time?

This Week in Box Office History.

There were a lot of top place finishes this week.  Wreck-It Ralph 2’s 56 million was the second highest Thanksgiving total, while Creed II’s 35.5 million was the highest live-action take for turkey day.  The grand total of 206 over the weekend was the largest ever for the holiday weekend.

With 5 days left to go in November and a total of 961 million, it’s very possible for 2018 to surpass 2012’s record of 1,090 million.  It’s going to be a tight race and depend heavily on how well the top ten retains value as only one new wide release is scheduled out this week.

Top Film Last Year:  Coco.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.

Top Film Last Decade:  Twilight.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.

Top Three Films.

Ralph Breaks the Internet set high score this week with 56 million over the three day weekend and 84 in total domestic sales.  The sequel outscored the original’s debut by 7 million, and passed Big Hero Six for 3rd place for Disney Animation Studio’s releases.  It’s unlikely to catch Frozen for #1 all-time, but is pacing just behind Moana for 3rd all-time.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.
Yeah, don’t cry for Disney just yet.
Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.
Bigger is better.

Creed II punch its way into second place with just under 36 million.  This also knocked out the original Creed‘s debut by 6 million, and was the best opening for the Rocky franchise as a whole.

The Grinch settled for stealing third this week, adding 30 million to its cumulative domestic take of 180 million.  The film is still a bit sour on foreign sales, wracking up just 35 million in three weeks of release.

Other Films.

Two out of three wide releases in the top three can’t be bad, right?  Let’s just leave it there, and not talk about how dreadfully Robin Hood performed, OK?

Box Office Wrap Up: Ralph Wrecks Box Office.
*sad trombone*

Alright.  We all knew this film was going to bomb.  As soon as it was announced, comparisons to the box office poison pill that was King Arthur: Legend of the Sword were being made.  A whole cottage industry of film historians rose up to opine on why medieval films haven’t been viable for decades.  There’s no surprise that it failed.  That it belly flopped even more spectacularly than King Arthur should hopefully convince Hollywood to stop rehashing these properties.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Ralph Breaks the Internet  (56.2)

2.  Creed II  (35.5)

3.  Dr. Suess’ The Grinch  (30.9)

4.  Fantastic Beasts:  The Crimes of Grindelwald  (29.3)

5.  Bohemian Rhapsody  (14.0)

6.  Instant Family  (12.3)

7.  Robin Hood  (9.1)

8.  Widows  (8.2)

9.  Green Book  (5.5)

10.  A Star is Born  (3.0)

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