Box Office Wrap Up: Ready Player One Posts High Score.

Box Office Wrap Up: Dumbo Soars to #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ready Player One Posts High Score.

Steven Spielberg finds himself back in first place with Ready Player One having a solid Easter weekend.

Ready Player One got plenty of peeps this Easter as it headed to the top spot.  The former champ, Pacific Rim Uprising, had a sharp decline in its second week, cementing concerns that the film is struggling with domestic audiences.  The box office picked up some momentum compared to recent weeks.  Hollywood will be hoping for a much stronger April, as March’s earnings were some of the lowest in decades.

This Week in Box Office History.

Disney Alice in Wonderland
Ugh. This again?

March of 2018 really struggled to find a hit.  Potential blockbusters like A Wrinkle in Time, Pacific Rim 2, and Tomb Raider mostly fizzled.  This is especially noticeable for Disney’s Wrinkle in Time:  in the last decade we’ve seen five Disney films post better than 200 million dollars in March, four of those films were live action features, and three of that group had female leads (Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland.)  The big caveat is that those are all remakes of animated films, which has become notoriously big money for Disney.  While Wrinkle was the top earning film for March, it pulled in only 83 million dollars in comparison.

Speaking of outliers, Ready Player one is the first Spielberg film in a decade to make 40 million dollars at launch.  He’s made solid bank on critical darlings like The Post, Lincoln, and Bridge of Spies in the last ten years, but you have to go all the way back to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to find such a large debut.

Great. Now I have to remember that this existed AND that John Hurt is dead. Thanks, Spielberg.

Top Movie Last Year:  The Boss Baby.

Top Movie Last Decade: 21.

Box Office Wrap Up: Ready Player One Tops Scoreboard.
Oh. Oh no.

Top Three.

Ready Player One plugged into the box office for 41 million dollars, good enough for first place.  In what has already become the new normal, that domestic figure would be alarming for a film that cost 175 million dollars to make…but it’s already covered its costs thanks to foreign ticket sales.  It’s only newsworthy these days when the latest shiny blockbuster doesn’t make 100 million dollars in China on launch.

Tyler Perry's Acrimony, Box Office Results
Who is she? Who is this other woman you take to see all the other Tyler Perry movies but not mine!?!

Second place went to Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, the latest film with Tyler Perry’s name in the title.  The 17 million dollar take is a mixed bag:  for a Tyler Perry movie, it’s well towards the low end of his usual openings, but for a “scorned woman” drama it’s above the average.

The third spot went to Black Panther.  With a domestic haul of 650 million dollars, the king of Wakanda should easily leap over both Jurassic World ($652) and Titanic ($659) on the all-time list.  Getting to the very top may be out of reach with Avatar holding #2 with 760 million and Star Wars The Force Awakens holding #1 with 936.  Black Panther is also in position to make its way onto the top ten world-wide earnings list, trailing Frozen by just 3 million dollars for the tenth spot.

Other Films.

Pacific Rim Uprising slipped out of first place and fell all the way to fifth.  The film dropped 67% from last week, taking in just 9 million dollars.  Foreign figures for the second week are not available yet, so the fate of this franchise is still up in the air.

The other new releases all finished outside the top ten.  God’s Not Dead 3 wound up in 12th with 2.6 million dollars.  That’s down markedly from the first two films and is one of the weakest performances for a faith-based film in recent history.  God may not be dead, but this franchise looks like it’s on life support.

In limited release, Baaghi 2 took in half a million dollars at 124 screenings.  I only bring that up because the nearest theater showing it is 3 hours away and I’M STILL GOING TO SEE THIS SUCKER!

Baaghi 2 Box Office
Oh yeah! I’m coming for you, Baaghi 2. Just you wait!

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Ready Player One  (41.2)

2.  Tyler Perry’s Acrimony  (17.1)

3.  Black Panther  (11.2)

4.  I Can Only Imagine  (10.7)

5.  Pacific Rim Uprising  (9.2)

6.  Sherlock Gnomes  (7.0)

7.  Love, Simon  (4.8)

8.  Tomb Raider  (4.7)

9.  A Wrinkle in Time  (4.6)

10.  Paul, Apostle of Christ (3.5)

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