Box Office Wrap Up: Revenant Roars, Star Wars Still King

Box Office Wrap Up

Oh, the, aliens?
Oh, the humanity…er, aliens?

This weekend, Star Wars:  The Force Awakens passed Avatar on the all time list for domestic earnings.  While an impressive feat, the victory is still incomplete*.  Avatar still remains the world-wide champion, and The Force Awakens will need to post more than another billion dollars around the globe in order to unseat the top dog.  That’s a steep path to climb, although Star Wars managed a record breaking weekend in its Chinese debut this weekend.  Does China have another billion dollars in its pocket to put J.J. Abrams in possession of first place world-wide?

Still in first, and still not giving a damn. Frankly.
Still in first, and still not giving a damn. Frankly.

*Another wrinkle in the coronation is the oft neglected Gone with the Wind, who’s adjusted gross is…about a billion dollars higher than Star Wars.  It’s highly doubtful Star Wars has another billion dollars domestically in it’s tank.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy scored well this week with the wide release of The Revenant, which landed nearly 40 million dollars for second place.  While critically panned, the other wide release out last weekend, The Forrest, made a decent 12 million, but was just edged out of the top spots by Will Ferrell’s comedy, Daddy’s Home.

Tarantino’s Hateful Eight has had a rough patch upon it’s national expansion, slipping 60% in its earnings and winding up at a hum-drum sixth place.

The final new release, The Masked Saint, made a horrendous 123…thousand.  El Santo would hang up his cowl if he ever heard of such a sorry tale.

Top Ten

(In Millions)


1. Star Wars:  The Force Awakens (42.3)
2.  The Revenant  (39.8)
3.  Daddy’s Home (15.0)
4.  The Forrest (12.7)
5.  Sister’s  (7.1)
6.  The Hateful Eight (6.4)
7.  The Big Short  (6.1)
8.  Alvin and the Chipmunks:  Road Chip  (5.7)
9.  Joy  (4.4)
10.  Concussion  (3.0)



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