Box Office Wrap Up: The Revenant Survives the Snow

The revenant Box office Wrap up

Box Office Wrap Up

the revenant box office wrap up
Ayuh, it’s cold out.

With record snow in many big markets along the Eastern seaboard, the Box Office as a whole took a major hit, falling off 25% as the snow fell throughout the weekend.  Last year, American Sniper had just received its Oscar nod and was cruising along to 60+ million plus sales.  This year, despite also catching the eye of the academy, The Revenant only managed a middling 16 million dollars.  While the domestic cume for the survival/revenge story looks solid, this dip of just under 50% on its fifth week seems to be telling for this year’s crop of Oscar nominated films:  only Room, which added 600 screens this weekend, has seen any significant bump.  Maybe the academy needs to rethink their strategy of only nominating the same five directors and actors every damn year, since interest seems to be waning.

The fifth wave box office wrap up
I wouldn’t count on a 6th wave…

Star Wars remained at second place, homing on in its next domestic milestone of 900 million dollars.

In third place, Ride Along 2 dropped precipitously to third place.  This film seems to be aging about on par with other recent Kevin Hart comedies, but is lagging behind the first installment noticeably.

For the trio of wide releases out this past week, Dirty Grandpa took fourth place, destroying my faith in humanity.  The Boy fared just a tad worse, taking fifth place and lining up pretty evenly with other horror films released early in the year, historically.  The really terrible news came from The 5th Wave, which ended up more Percy Jackson than Katniss Everdeen, taking in a pitiful ten million on its 40 million dollar budget.

Top Ten

(In Millions)

 1.  The Revenant  (16.0)

2.  Star Wars The Force Awakens  (14.2)

3.  Ride Along 2  (12.9)

4.  Dirty Grandpa  (11.5)

5.  The Boy  (11.2)

6.  The 5th Wave  (10.7)

7.  13 Hours  (9.7)

8.  Daddy’s Home  (5.2)

9.  Norm of the North  (4.1)

10.  The Big Short  (3.5)

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