Box Office Wrap Up: Second Wave.

Box Office Wrap Up: Second Wave.

Since the US never fully managed the first wave of the pandemic, the box office is now taking the brunt of a second slump.

Numbers that had been steadily ticking upwards are now back to the catastrophic figures seen in April. Theaters remain closed in much of the country, and it seems that the wind has fallen out of the sails of limited releases and theatrical at home sales.

This Week in Box Office History.

When I checked the numbers on Monday, the box office showed only one movie reporting sales. By end of day Tuesday, only three movies have reported their weekend earnings. Those earnings total just 34 thousand dollars, and there’s little evidence any good news is coming later.

Whereas early in the pandemic we saw late reporting bolster shaky totals, this week we’ve probably already seen all we need to. All three films reporting are returning films, and they took a beating. Followed fell 70% from last weekend, and Becky fell close to 90%. Not even the reliable horror movies made any money, so I really doubt any late numbers will be any better.

Top Film One Year Ago: Spider-Man Far From Home.

Staying on theme…

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Twilight – Eclipse.

I can do this all day.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back.

Um. Close enough.

Top Three Films.

There’s no additional news this week not covered above, so straight to the charts:

  1. Followed (23.6 K)
  2. Becky (10.3)
  3. Sex and the Future (.06K)

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