Box Office Wrap Up: Semblance of Normalcy.

Box Office Wrap Up: Semblance of Normalcy.

Without any re-releases, the box office numbers make a little bit more sense.

The July 4th weekend saw theaters dump a raft of classic films into theaters, causing the numbers to skew all over the place. This weekend, we’ve only got contemporary films to deal with, and for the first time in a while, ten films to fill up our top ten!

This Week in Box Office History.

Discounting the last two weekends due to re-released blockbusters skewing the totals, we’re back to the new normal. The box office took in 255 thousand dollars domestically, off just 30 million from the end of June before the funny business began.

The box office certainly has taken a blow to its earnings amidst the resurgence of Covid-19. Through May and early June, ticket sales were ramping up, going from just tens of thousands of dollars in total earnings to nearly half a million in sales in six weeks. Rushed re openings without proper safety guidelines have set the box office back a month’s worth of progress. Now the question is whether we continue to slide back down to the worst of the pandemic numbers, or level off with the current totals.

Top Film One Year Ago: The Lion King

Lion King, Avengers Pass Milestones
Well, at least the pandemic gave us a brief break from relentless live-action Disney remakes.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Inception

Did you want to rewatch this movie, or did I just put the idea in your mind?

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

Top Three Films.

After taking a bit of a beating competing against the likes of Ghostbusters and Star Wars, Relic returned to the top of the pile. The indie horror from IFC took in 164 thousand dollars over the weekend, for a cumulative total of 800 thousand.

Archive, Vertical Entertainment’s new science fiction offering, snagged second place. It took in just under 40 thousand dollars in its second week of release, for a domestic total of just over 100K.

More on this film in a hot minute.

Followed landed in the top three, adding 27 thousand to its five week run. The film currently sits at slightly more than half a million dollars in domestic earnings.

Other Films.

Two new films saw limited release this weekend. Human Capital premiered in 6th place, playing at a dozen locations and earning just 4 thousand dollars. The artsy war refugee drama, The Painted Bird, took the last spot on the list at 10th place, playing to six theaters and taking in just four hundred dollars.

Box Office Wrap Up: Semblance of Normalcy.
Now it just needs to make actual capital capital.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Relic (164.1K)
  2. Archive (38.8K)
  3. Followed (27.3K)
  4. The Wretched (10.6K)
  5. Becky (6.4K)
  6. Human Capital (4.3K)
  7. The Truth (2.1K)
  8. Guest Artist (1.0K)
  9. The Last Tree (.7K)
  10. The Painted Bird (.4K)
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