Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.

Shazam! helped keep the box office and DC’s super hero streak red hot, exceeding expectations.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.
Flaunt it if you got it.

It finally seems like the DCEU has found its footing.  Solo super hero outings have proven profitable where big team-ups have struggled.  With Shazam! going above and beyond expectations, DC now has a successful super comedy under their belt.  Much like phase 2 Marvel, having variety could prove key to keeping audiences engaged with all of the cape and spandex action.

It was all just super heroes this weekend, as Pet Sematary delivered another encouraging weekend for adaptations of Stephen King’s horror library.  While not matching the monstrous success of IT, Pet Sematary did deliver the second biggest opening for a King horror flick.  As long as the sudden success doesn’t lead to a remake of the horrifically awful Dreamcatcher, I’m OK with this.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office continued to pick up steam, adding 5% over last week’s take.  The overall earnings were down slightly from last year (11%), when A Quiet Place was quietly making all of the money.  Much like last week, the lion’s share of the earnings came from not only the top ten, but the top two.  Shazam! and Pet Sematary combined for 50% of the gross domestic box office, with Shazam! accounting for more than a third of it.  With Hellboy hitting theaters next week, we should see the trend continue for a third week.

Top Film Last Year:  A Quiet Place.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.

Top Film Last Decade:  Fast and Furious.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.
..and here we are ten years later, still going.

Top Three Films.

Shazam! outperformed expectations for the top spot, taking in 53 million dollars domestically.  It had a healthy weekend abroad as well, taking in 100 million dollars so far.  Among recent super hero comedies, the obvious comparison is Ant-Man.  Both were origin stories with lesser known heroes, and both made in the mid 50 million dollar range.  If that holds up, Shazam! could be headed to a similar 180 million dollar US run.

Second place featured the resurrected remake of Pet Sematary.  At 25 million dollars, it is second only to IT on the list of Stephen King adaptations.  It is also double what the original Pet Sematary dug up in 1989.  The flick also had a solid foreign release for a horror film, taking in 17 million dollars abroad.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.
I guess dead isn’t always better.

Dumbo hit some turbulence in the third spot.  Despite a solid take-off, the film fell to 18 million dollars in its second week, a steep 60% drop.  With a budget of 170 million dollars, the ride has become rockier for the little elephant to pull it off.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.
Eh…it’ll probably be fine!

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Shazam Supercharges Box Office.
The Best of Scheduling Errors.

The other new wide release, Best of Enemies, had a mixed opening.  The critic and audience scores were fantastic, but the take of 4.5 million was only good enough for sixth place.  It seems odd that this film opened so early in the year, as it aligns most closely with Oscar-fated films such as 3 Billboards and Green Book.  Perhaps the studio got cold feet about awards season, or were trying to mop up some of the zeitgeist for social drama’s left over from the Oscars.  Either way, it seems the movie was scheduled poorly.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Shazam!  (53.4)

2.  Pet Sematary  (25.0)

3.  Dumbo  (18.2)

4.  Us  (13.8)

5.  Captain Marvel  (12.6)

6.  The Best of Enemies  (4.5)

7.  Five Feet Apart  (3.7)

8.  Unplanned  (3.2)

9.  Wonder Park  (2.0)

10.  How to Train Your Dragon 3  (1.9)


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