Box Office Wrap Up: Signs of Life?

Box Office Wrap Up: Signs of Life?

We have a top three for the first time in a month, and some upward trends.

While we’re nowhere near getting back to normal, we are seeing the “new normal” start to flesh out. Late numbers from last week show that what looked like a downturn was actually stable, and this week sees three movies reporting. We’re still talking thousands instead of millions in tickets, but it an encouraging sign of life.

This Week in Box Office History.

Box Office Wrap Up: Signs of Life?
Keep on rolling.

A huge caveat to this week’s good news is that number reporting remains a clusterfuck. We’re only now seeing reported earnings from last week, which actually turns a three thousand dollar disappointment into an impressive 14k weekend. In heartening news, Phoenix Oregon, the first film to take the revenue sharing model, had a re-release and retroactively took the top spot.

This week, we see three movies reporting figures. The box office took in over five thousand dollars, which is hard to parse. If last week’s belated figures were absent, it would be a big increase. Including the new numbers, you could say going from 14k to 5k is a step backwards…but I can pretty much guarantee that by this time next week, we’ll see another revision that boosts this week’s total as well.

Top Film One Year Ago: The Curse of La Llarona.

Ah, she’s trying to touch my face! No, La Corona!

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Kick-Ass.

Top Film 40 Years Ago: Kramer Vs. Kramer.

Oh. You’re back. 1980 really loved messy divorce stories.

Top Three Films!

We finally get three films in the top three! This week saw a new number one, Resistance. This is the fourth new number one in five weeks, so more films are finding ways to market and reporting, which is great.

Resistance stars Jesse Eisenberg (apparently a very busy man pre-quarantine) in a historical drama about famed mime Marcel Marceau. Don’t worry, it’s not about mimes – turns out he was a badass member of the French resistance who saved kids during the Nazi occupation. The film took in 2.7 thousand dollars domestically in a first week in release.

Maybe he could hide them inside an invisible box?

Second place went to Swallow, a drama about a woman dealing with the obscure eating disorder Pica. This film has actually done brisk business in “theatrical at home” release. It added 2.4 million dollars this week for a grand total of 30 thousand so far.

Box Office Wrap Up: Signs of Life?
Yeah…don’t eat that.

The Other Lamb tailed off in its third week, taking in just 300 dollars after a decent premier two weeks ago. It’s cumulative gross sits just under five thousand dollars. I hope future updates moves that number higher as the film saw quite a bit of media attention.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Resistance (2.7K)
  2. Swallow (2.4K)
  3. The Other Lamb (0.26K)

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