Box Office Wrap Up: Sonic Answers Call of the Wild.

Box Office Wrap Up: Sonic Answers Call of the Wild.

Sega’s mascot remained on top, thwarting the latest remake of Jack London’s The Call of the Wild.

In line with my predictions, the box office cooled off considerably. Despite a huge budget and Harrison Ford in the lead, 20th Century Studios didn’t strike gold in its Yukon trek. Sonic retained the top spot, but could not prop up the lack-luster February weekend.

This Week in Box Office History.

A chilly reception for our two new films led the box office to decline 34% compared to last week and 19% from last year. Sonic’s continued success, after having nabbed the biggest video game debut, moves the film into 4th place all time for such adaptations.

Gotta keep training, Sonic, if you want to catch em all.

One interesting historical note: The Call of the Wild (2020) is the first film to come out of 20th Century Studios after being bought by Disney. The last film the company released before being bought by Fox Studios in the 1930’s? The Call of the Wild, in 1935.

Top Film One Year Ago: How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: Shutter Island.

Just a touching romance between a corpse and a crazy person.

Top Three Films.

Sonic the Hedgehog took first place, racing to a total of 106 million dollars domestically and 205 million dollars world wide. It sits just under Angry Birds (107 million) and needs 144 million dollars to knock off Detective Pikachu for #1.

The Call of the Wild had to wait out the storm in second place. The latest movie version of the Jack London’s classic adventure tale took in 25 million dollars. That’s more than early studio estimates…but a whole lot less than the film’s 135 million dollar budget.


Birds of Prey swooped into third place, adding another 7 million dollars to its domestic haul. It has taken in 72 million at home and 173 million world wide.

Other Films.

Our other wide release, The Boy II, scared up a fourth place finish with just under 6 million dollars. That’s a pretty hefty drop from the first film’s 10 million dollar debut. The film got dragged critically on Rotten Tomatoes, and theater audiences were only slightly more forgiving.

Box Office Wrap Up: Sonic Answers Call of the Wild.
Let’s just go ahead and bury this back where we found it.

Top Ten Films.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog (26.3)
  2. The Call of the Wild (24.8)
  3. Birds of Prey (7.0)
  4. Brahms: The Boy II (5.9)
  5. Bad Boys for Life (5.8)
  6. 1917 (4.4)
  7. Fantasy Island (4.1)
  8. Parasite (3.1)
  9. Jumanji: The Next Level (3.0)
  10. The Photograph (2.8)

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