Box Office Wrap up: Spectre Goes Nuts

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Peanuts Spectre Box office Wrap Up

After a few brutal weekends at the Box office, it took a couple of  time-tested franchises to breathe some life into the theatres.

Spectre was the big winner here, earning $73 million becoming the second-biggest Bond opening of all time. It’s the 24th film in a series that has run for 53 years. Amazing.

Domestically, Spectre failed to live up to the record-breaking standard set by Skyfall, which debuted to $88.4 million in 2012 and went on to become the first film in the franchise to earn over $1 billion worldwide. With some tough competition on the horizon, Spectre will most likely fall short of Skyfall’s domestic total of $304.3 million, but it should hit around $200 million

Despite having numerous leading men portraying 007, the franchise continues to chug along and remain successful. Sure Bond has had its share of hits and misses,  but lets look at the chart below.



Thunderball UA $623,832,000 $63,595,658 12/21/65
2 Goldfinger UA $552,942,000 $51,081,062 12/22/64
3 Skyfall Sony $315,602,300 $304,360,277 11/9/12
4 You Only Live Twice UA $299,439,300 $43,084,787 6/13/67
5 Moonraker MGM $233,613,400 $70,308,099 6/29/79
6 Die Another Day MGM $230,050,800 $160,942,139 11/22/02
7 Tomorrow Never Dies MGM $224,439,200 $125,304,276 12/19/97
8 From Russia, with Love UA $222,371,000 $24,796,765 4/8/64
9 Diamonds Are Forever UA $221,487,900 $43,819,547 12/17/71
10 Casino Royale Sony $212,075,200 $167,445,960 11/17/06
11 The World Is Not Enough MGM $207,280,700 $126,943,684 11/19/99
12 GoldenEye MGM $203,528,900 $106,429,941 11/17/95
13 Quantum of Solace Sony $195,570,000 $168,368,427 11/14/08
14 Octopussy MGM $179,756,400 $67,893,619 6/10/83
15 The Spy Who Loved Me UA $175,172,400 $46,838,673 7/13/77
16 Live and Let Die UA $166,695,600 $35,377,836 6/27/73
17 For Your Eyes Only MGM $164,438,400 $54,812,802 6/26/81
18 Dr. No UA $157,646,000 $16,067,035 5/8/63
19 Never Say Never Again WB $146,765,000 $55,432,841 10/7/83
20 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service UA $133,760,000 $22,774,493 12/18/69
21 A View to a Kill MGM $118,235,300 $50,327,960 5/24/85
22 The Living Daylights UA $109,179,100 $51,185,897 7/31/87
23 The Man with the Golden Gun UA $93,532,900 $20,972,000 12/18/74
24 License to Kill UA $72,826,900 $34,667,015 7/14/89
25 Spectre Sony $68,195,400 $70,403,148 11/6/15


For the most part each era performs along the same lines in accordance to its stars. Sure there are outliers (Skyfall) but there are three things you can bank on: Death, Taxes, and the Bond box office wrap up spectreseries.

The Peanuts franchise may  have a spot historically in our pop culture, but when was the last time they were relevant? Fox took a risk here reintroducing the gang to a new generation but Neil felt the trailer had enough “whimsy” to hit with the family. Charlie an company “hit” to the tune of $45 million, surpassing the $40 million projections by fox.

About 70 percent of Peanuts viewers were families, and with an “A” rating from cinema score, Peanut’s should have a solid second week coming.

This weekend’s No. 3 film was The Martian, which added $9.3 million in its sixth weekend. Dropping a mere 21% in its fourth weekend has grossed an estimated $197.1 million in the United States and Canada.

Goosebumps and Bridge Of Spies rounded out the top five earning $7 million and $6.1  in their fourth weekend respectively.

Three awards contenders also made their debuts in limited release to mixed results. Director Tom McCarthy’s film about the Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation into the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, was the strongest of the pack earning an impressive $60,455 per theater average grossing over $300k.

Brooklyn the film adaptation of Irish novelist Colm Toibin’s book of the same name had the best opening week of any film in Ireland since the biopic Michael Collins in 1996, grossing $181K, giving it a $36,200 average
Bleekers street Trumbo, The “Commie” witch hunt Biopic earned $77,229, Averaging an ok $15,445 per screen.


1. Spectre, $73 million

2. The Peanuts Movie, $45 million

3. The Martian, $9.3 million

4. Goosebumps, $7 million

5. Bridge of Spies, $6.1 million

6. Hotel Transylvania 2, $3.6 million

7. Burnt, $3 million

8. The Last Witch Hunter, $2.7 million

9. The Intern, $1.8 million

10. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, $1.7 million

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