Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.

Box Office Wrap Up: Apes Strong, Box Office Weak.
Maybe don't relax just yet, Spidey.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.

The third time is the charm when it comes to Spider-Man as he soars to big opening week.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.
Making it look easy.

Despite some reservations, Spider-Man made good on his big screen return and surpassed studio expectations.  It definitely felt like Sony/Marvel were deliberately low-balling the film when they announced projections of 80-90 million dollars for the weekend…but you never know.  The same fatigue that kept us from reviewing the latest wall-crawling flick may have been more general in this second Spider reboot in less than a decade.  Audiences seemed up to the task, though, propelling Spider-Man: Homecoming to 117 million dollars and awarding it a healthy “A” score.

This Week in Spider-Man History.

Homecoming stacks up very well against other offerings in the Spider-Man film list.  It managed to surpass Sam Raimi‘s first Spider-Man (113 million) and currently sits as the second best debut in the franchise.  Spider-Man 3 has the top honor with 151 million in its opening weekend.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.
So there!

Comparing it to other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man comes out on top as well.  It is the largest opening for a single hero first outing and it easily edged past the likes of Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain America.  When considering all films in the roster, it sits 7th all time for debut earnings.

This Week in Box Office History.

Spidey power led to a robust box office this week.  Sales were up 25% from last week, with 200 million dollars taken by the top 12 films.  If you subtract the long Fourth of July weekends from the equation, this week was also the second strongest first week in July in a decade.  With War for the Planet of the Apes just around the corner, July is shaping up to break some records.

Top Three Films.

Spider-Man: Homecoming took the top spot this week with a strong 117 million dollars in domestic earnings.  Added to the foreign ticket sales, the web slinger has already crossed the 250 million dollar mark in total sales.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.
No, extortion doesn’t count.

Second place went to Despicable Me 3, which had a drop of 53% in ticket sales from its opening last week.  While not in any trouble, thanks to overseas tickets,  Despicable Me 3 is unlikely to come close to the eye-popping totals of either Despicable Me 2 or Minions.

Baby Driver drifted into third place, dropping a very modest 36%.  This film is certain to become director Edgar Wright‘s best paycheck to date, as it has already doubled its budget in just two weeks.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.
Little late, guys.

Winners and Losers:  Wonder Woman continues to have tremendous staying power, dropping only 37% and remaining in fourth place.  The film is just shy of 750 million in worldwide sales and will probably finish up just shy of 1 billion.  The same could not be said of Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler comedy, The House, which dropped 45% from a shaky first week.  At 18 million in total sales, it is going to be a long gamble on whether or not this film can make back its pricey 40 million dollar budget.

Two films have managed to crack the top ten with limited release expansions.  Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled added another 300 theaters this week, for a total of 1000, and secured itself a tenth place finish.  The real prize goes to The Big Sick, starring Kumail Nunjiani and Zoe Kazan, which managed an eighth place finish on only 300 screens total.  This Amazon studios film has been a critical darling and has impressive word of mouth pressure behind it.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spider-Man Comes Home in Style.
I guess people like it.

Top Ten Movies.

(In Millions)

1.  Spider-Man: Homecoming  (117.0)

2.  Despicable Me 3  (33.5)

3.  Baby Driver  (13.0)

4.  Wonder Woman  (9.8)

5.  Transformers: The Last Knight  (6.3)

6.  Cars 3  (5.3)

7.  The House  (4.7)

8.  The Big Sick  (3.5)

9.  47 Meters Down  (2.7)

10.  The Beguiled  (2.0)


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