Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.
Just make yourself at home.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.

He may be Far from Home, but Spider-Man is cleaning up overseas in his second week at #1.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.
Just make yourself at home.

The top two spots didn’t budge as Spider-Man and Toy Story remained on top.  New arrivals Crawl and Stuber had to settle for third and fourth, with Crawl coming out the winner in the battle of new releases.  Despite a huge world wide bank for Spidey, the domestic box office remains sluggish heading into the heart of the summer season.  Look for this week’s release of Disney’s The Lion King to finally put some wind in the sales sails.

This Week in Box Office History.

The summer box continues to underwhelm.  Overall numbers were down 33 percent from last week, and down around 26 percent from last year.  The big money was generated outside of the US this frame, with Spider-Man Far from Home bringing its overseas total to 575 million dollars.  That’s more than Homecoming made abroad in its total run, and we’re just on week two.  Toy Story 4 also has garnered big numbers around the world, sitting just over 400 million dollars.  Even the new creature feature, Crawl, made a solid 5 million dollars offshore.

Top Film Last Year:  Hotel Transylvania 3.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.

Top Film Last Decade:  Bruno.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.
Yep. That was a thing.

Top Three Films.

Spider-Man remained on top, delivering another 45 million dollars in its second week.  That brings its worldwide total to 850 million dollars, a lightning fast pace for just two weeks out.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.
Too soon?

Toy Story 4 got used to the second spot, dropping just 39% from last week and earning a further 20 million dollars at home.  It’s total gross sits at just over 770 million dollars, the second best total for the franchise and 5th best for Pixar.

The third spot saw our first new release, Crawl, which exceeded early forecasts with 12 million dollars domestically.  Tack on the 5 million from overseas, and the reptilian horror flick has already covered its 13.5 million dollar budget.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.

The Rest.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spidey World Wide.
Gonna need to get a leg up.

Fourth place saw Dave Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani’s buddy cop flick, Stuber, chart with 8 million dollars.  That’s about half of what it needs to cover a 16 million dollar budget.  It’s not being helped by middling reviews, though it did take in a solid 3 million dollars abroad to help lighten the load.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Spider-Man Far from Home  (45.3)

2.  Toy Story 4  (20.6)

3.  Crawl  (12.0)

4.  Stuber  (8.0)

5.  Yesterday  (6.7)

6.  Aladdin  (5.8)

7.  Annabelle Comes Home  (5.5)

8.  Midsommar  (3.5)

9.  The Secret Life of Pets  (3.1)

10.  Men in Black International  (2.2)



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