Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.

A second healthy weekend of sales signals the long box office winter is over.

Captain Marvel led another strong weekend of ticket sales.  While Captive State struggled to find an audience, other wide release films such as Wonder Park had good outings.  The overall box office figures were encouraging, continuing a resurgent March which hopes to erase the funk of a poor winter showing.

This Week in Box Office History.

The box office was down 34% compared to last week.  That was expected after the oversized premier of Captain Marvel.  The real good news was that the overall box office was up 4-5% from last year.  This week in 2019 actually stands out as the 3rd highest total sales in the last decade, and the 4th highest for this weekend all time.  That’s solid business, as this weekend historically had big names such as Black Panther, Beauty and the Beast, and Zootopia in the top spot.

One interesting trend is that this weekend has been big business for female led projects.  The live action Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Alice in Wonderland all scored big.  Captain Marvel is the latest in a string of Disney films in March with women in the central role.

Top Film Last Year:  Black Panther.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.
Still got it.

Top Film Last Decade:  Race to Witch Mountain.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.
Or as I fondly call it, Dwayne Johnson Movie #1,389.

Top Three Films.


Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.
Still top gun.

Captain Marvel repeated atop the box office.  Domestic sales fell 55%, bringing her total to 265 million dollars in the US.  Captain Marvel’s worldwide gross is a staggering 760 million dollars.  Her two week run is the 20th best 10-day total, making her the 20th fastest movie to 250 million dollars domestically.  She’s one strong weekend away from cracking the top 10 earnings (US) for Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Second Place saw Paramount’s Wonder Park outperform predictions.  The animated film took in 15 million dollars despite a troubled production cycle which saw the studio fire the director and release the film with no directorial credits.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.

Another new release, Five Feet Apart, rounded out the top three.  It also did better than projected, with a tad over 13 million dollars at debut.  The teen romance film about two cystic fibrosis patients is the latest in the genre.  While it didn’t capture the huge premier that A Fault in Our Stars did, it did overperform against Everything, Everything, the last film in the genre.

Other Films.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.In the bottom half of the list, we saw two new films with very different fates.  The wide release sci-fi thriller Captive State bombed with 3 million dollars against a 25 million dollar budget.  In comparison, the limited release of No Manches Frida 2, which showed in just 400 theaters, took in just under 4 million dollars.

Captive State is the latest sci-fi dystopia focused on young leads to flop.  It joins the ranks of The 5th Wave, The Darkest Minds, and The Host as recent films to struggle.  After The Hunger Games made the genre popular, it seems the well has about run dry.

Box Office Wrap Up: Spring Thaw.
Abandon ship!

Top Ten Films.

1.  Captain Marvel  (67.9)

2.  Wonder Park  (15.8)

3.  Five Feet Apart  (13.1)

4.  How to Train Your Dragon:  The Hidden World  (9.2)

5.  Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral  (7.8)

6.  No Manches Frida 2  (3.8)

7.  Captive State  (3.1)

8.  The LEGO Movie 2  (2.1)

9.  Alita: Battle Angel  (1.9)

10.  Green Book  (1.2)


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