Box Office Wrap Up: Star Trek Beyond Leads Hot Weekend

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Unfortunately, the next movie is going to have to be titled "Star Trek Beyond Bankruptcy."

Box Office Wrap Up.

Star Trek Beyond caught fire on a busy box office weekend while Ice Age 5 melted.

Box Office Wrap Up: Star Trek Beyond
Boldly going…to the same place as the last two movies. At least the theater has AC.

The box office was up a balmy 30% this weekend over last year, led by Paramount Picture’s third entry into the rebooted Star Trek franchise. Record breaking temperatures across the country led to a record breaking weekend, and with more hot weather on the way, we may be in for a very busy August box office.

Star Trek Beyond had a hefty first week earning just shy of 60 million dollars, and the top 5 movies all earned over 20 million dollars apiece.  This is only the fifth time in history that has happened.  Beyond is sitting pretty with reviewers and audiences, though it is still trending below the first two entries.

Second place went to Illumination’s Secret Life of Pets, which has made a tremendous splash into the increasingly heated animation genre.  The film is currently just over 250 million dollars in domestic totals.  That’s Disney kind of money right there!

End of the Ice Age?

Box Office Wrap Up Star Trek Beyond
That is the most accurate tag line I have ever seen.

Fox’s new animated feature, Ice Age: Collision Course is a stark contrast to Secret Life.  Ice Age has typically done solid business in the 40-60 million dollar range, but Collision Course took in a frigid 21 million.  Despite hitting an iceberg domestically, the film has made a ludicrous 177 million on the foreign market.  Overseas earnings are real people, and we’re pretty much guaranteed an Ice Age 6 thanks to that trend.

To highlight that point, Ghostbusters added another 20 million to its domestic total in its second week, but the lack of foreign engagement is still troubling the project.  The loss of the Chinese market is severely handicapping its viability.  In the new market, China can make or break your franchise.  We’ll get the final tally towards the end of August when the film finally makes it to Russia and the rest of the Asian markets.

Rotten Film, Great Timing

I appreciate the restraint they showed by not photo-shopping devil horns and screaming souls into the picture. And congratulations on locking up that all-important endorsement from the guy remaking The Exorcist...
I appreciate the restraint they showed by not photo-shopping devil horns and screaming souls into the picture. And congratulations on locking up that all-important endorsement from The Exorcist guy…

There was one big blip this weekend on the radar, a political “documentary” by conservative writer and director Dinesh D’Souza.  Hillary’s America is an obviously slanted hatchet piece intended to capitalize on the current election, which in other years would end up straight to Netflix along with all of the conspiracy theory films and anti-vaccination garbage the streaming service seems to thrive on.  Rotten Tomatoes has the film at 5% fresh, which I think they officially call “stank.”  Don’t quote me on that.  Despite this, the film jumped into the top ten this week while expanding to 1200 theaters.  Timing is everything in this business.

Top Ten Movies

(In Millions)

1.  Star Trek Beyond  (59.2)

2.  The Secret Life of Pets  (29.6)

3.  Lights Out  (21.6)

4.  Ice Age:  Collision Course  (21.3)

5.  Ghostbusters  (21.0)

6.  Finding Dory  (7.2)

7.  The Legend of Tarzan  (6.5)

8.  Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates  (4.3)

9.  Hillary’s America:  The Secret History of the Democratic Party  (3.9)

10.  The Infiltrator  (3.3)

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