Box Office Wrap Up: Summer Fizzle.

Box Office Wrap Up: Summer Fizzle.

The Summer season limped over the finish line with a lousy final weekend.

Only one new wide release hit theaters this weekend.  It failed to crack the top ten.  This is doubly damning as the top ten this weekend put up the second worst box office total in a decade.  While worries about a category five hurricane slamming into Florida would have added to the depressed ticket sales, it’s not the only factor.  Pretty much any way you slice it, this weekend was the (second) worst all around.

This Week in Box Office History.

First, the good news.  Despite a summer in which numerous sequels and would-be blockbusters crashed and burned, 2019 is still shaping up to be an above-average year.  YTD tracking shows us unable to close on record-setter 2018, but we’re still a good deal ahead of the last five years.

Now, the bad news.  The box office take of 86 million dollars was the second worst total for the year.  It was also the second worst total for this weekend looking back more than a decade.  Besides the horror show that was Summer 2017, you have to go back to 2001 to find numbers this soft.

That’s strange, I thought we had photographic proof that Gerard Butler can beat a hurricane?

There’s several factors leading to this predictable slump.  First, we haven’t had a big hit film in a month and a half.  Besides Spider-Man and Lion King, the weekend #1’s have all been middling affairs.  That means there’s not a compelling must-see film around for the long weekend.  Not having a major new wide release makes that even harder to overcome.  On top of all that, a significant chunk of the south-east was more interested in bottling water and taping windows than seeing three-week-old movies.

Top Film One Year Ago: Crazy Rich Asians.

Top Film Ten Years Ago: The Final Destination.

It was pretty dead at the box office here, too.

Top Three Films.

I’m calling it.

Angel Has Fallen took the top spot with 11 million dollars.  This brings its two week total to just over 40 million dollars, covering the production budget.  With no foreign ticket numbers, we’re probably looking at this flick as a modest success.

Good Boys stuck around in second place.  The R-rated comedy nabbed another 9 million dollars, for a grand total of 56 million dollars domestically.  Not bad against a 20 million dollar budget.

Third place saw The Lion King continue to pace the top three.  It has taken in more than half a billion dollars domestically for Disney, and scratched out one and a half billion dollars worldwide.

Other Films.

The new film, Don’t Let Go, debuted in less than one thousand theaters this weekend.  It managed to grab 2.4 million dollars in 14th place.  The fate of this supernatural thriller starring David Oyelowo and Storm Reid is still up in the air.  It’s made back half of its modest 5 million dollar budget.  It certainly has room to grow with just 900 screens.  But can it?  14th place is not going to generate a ton of buzz, and we are headed into a September season that is going to be dominated by IT Chapter 2.

Top Ten Films.

1.  Angel Has Fallen (11.5)

2.  Good Boys  (9.1)

3.  The Lion King  (6.7)

4.  Hobbs & Shaw  (6.2)

5.  Overcomer  (5.7)

6.  Ready or Not  (5.6)

7.  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark  (5.0)

8.  Spider-Man Far from Home  (4.2)

9.  Dora and the Lost City of Gold  (4.1)

10.  The Angry Birds Movie 2  (4.1)


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